Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Guest Interview by Nicole O'Dell with Kimberly Cash Tate

I am so excited to have these two writing friends and sisters join me today. In the last few weeks we have become good friends. One of those times you sit and think "Thank You, Lord, for providing writing buds but even more important sisters in the Lord. Nicole O'Dell writes the Scenario series for young adult girls and Kimberly Cash Tate writes fiction for Thomas Nelson as well as has a blog with fabulous devotions. Because of that blog, she has fabulous, incredibly exciting news to share with us. Without further ado, here are Nicole and Kim!

Today, I'm proud to welcome Kimberly Cash Tate, new member of the
Women of Faith speaking tour--and new personal friend/prayer partner.

Kim, will you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm a wife of almost seventeen years, mom to two, and we've been homeschooling eight years in the Midwest--which makes me chuckle because in my twenties, I had my sights set on being a high-powered lawyer in Washington, D.C. You never know what God has in store! Though I often wonder how I actually get it done, I manage to find time to write as well.

That's so true. I think God often chuckles while we're making our plans.So, tell us about your writing...

My first published book was a memoir called, "More Christian than African-American," about how God turned my life upside down once I became a believer at twenty-seven. That's where that career change comes in. :-) In 2008, "Heavenly Places" was released, which was my first novel, about a woman who always felt "less than" because of the way she was raised. Her life changes dramatically after she's kind of coaxed into a home Bible study with five other women, and they study the book of Ephesians. Though she clashes with the other women for a while and even quits a couple of times, she ultimately learns who she is in God's eyes. My next novel, "Faithful," releases in September.

Congratulations on your writing success! And, a HUGE congratulations for your recent appointment to the Women of Faith speaking team! How did you get involved with Women of Faith?

God story! I was signed to Thomas Nelson Fiction last spring, and the fiction team got the crazy notion that they should pitch me as a Women of Faith speaker. Terrible, but I didn't even know Thomas Nelson was the ministry home for Women of Faith. They didn't tell me what they were thinking at first, but when I found out, I thought, "No way!" But as the process unfolded, I knew that it was really all about my relationship with God. He'd been dealing with me about increasing my faith and believing that He truly is able to accomplish His plans for us. Years ago, He'd put the desire in my heart for ministry through writing and speaking, but I couldn't "see" the speaking part from where I sat in my sweats and tennis shoes, homeschooling my kids. They flew me to a Women of Faith conference in October, and I met the whole team. Had a fabulous time "behind-the-scenes." Yet, the whole thing seemed far out that they might actually consider me as a speaker. Still, God kept one word resounding in my heart--believe.

That had to be a rough wait--something I don't do well. When did you find out you'd been selected as a speaker?

Weeks passed after that October conference, and I had no idea what they thought of me. Talk about a test of faith! :-) In December, I got the call of my life. They were adding me as a speaker for four events in 2010.

Amazing! Congratulations, again! How did you feel? How did you celebrate?

I can't even describe how I felt. It was such a faith journey, such an exceeding abundant moment that I spent time just talking to God about it, telling Him how in awe I am of Him. Of course, I also called my mother and the other women who'd been praying for me and screamed! What was awesome as well was the reaction of the Thomas Nelson Fiction team. They'd been praying too, and I was able to be the first to tell them that I'd gotten the call. They were so excited, and the following day, they sent a beautiful bouquet of congratulatory flowers. My birthday was a few days later, so it was a "Happy Birthday" and "Merry Christmas!"

How do they decide who speaks about what?

The leadership team of Women of Faith is very in tune to what ministers to the women who attend the conferences. Just as in writing, story is key. They work with the speakers to develop their own personal stories that illustrate God's love and grace.

What is your area of focus for your events?

Still working on it, but I'm on the Imagine tour, so my focus will be on the fact that we often imagine one thing for our lives, but God enters in and far surpasses what we've dreamed. I think I have a few stories I can tell in that area!

You're entering a whole new arena (no pun intended). Are you nervous?

More excited than nervous, but I'm sure the nerves are waiting to pounce. :-) Very aware that I'll be clinging to God every step of the way. The lessons in faith and believing that God's been teaching me will be ever more in play. And I've got that same prayer team in place, because I need it!

When and where are your upcoming events?

I'll be in the following cities: Las Vegas--April 23-24; Denver--September 24-25; Kansas City--November 5-6; and Sacramento--November 12-13.

I'll be posting updates on my blog and Facebook page, so I'd love for people to come hang with me!


Casey said...

Fun interview- thanks! What an honor to be on the Women of Faith team! I have never been to a conference, but I think it would be a lot of fun. :)

Nicole O'Dell said...

Thanks Cara! *Mwah*


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