Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Review: The Silent Governess

Olivia Keene believes she is guilty of a crime and flees her home. In the process she stumbles onto Lord Bradley's property and overhears a conversation that makes her a threat to the Lord. She is caught trespassing and sent to prison before the Lord brings her to his estate and makes her a servant. So begins The Silent Governess, a novel by Julie Klassen which is set in regency England.

Usually, I am not a reader of regency tales. I know, I know. Many people love them, but they aren't really my cup of tea. However Ms. Klassen's style is riveting. Her characters are caught in tangled webs that intersect and overlap and twist and turn with hopes and fears. And because the characters are so richly drawn, I can't keep myself from turning the pages when I should be doing other things. But I think what I love most about her style is that I am transported back in time, to a period I don't know well, but feel completely dropped into while I'm reading. I can hear the accents, see the streets, and watch the people. It makes for a compelling book that I couldn't put down.

In fact, when I closed the book I hurried downstairs and told my husband the book was inspiring. He looked at me with a funny look. "I mean I want to write WWII with the authority and ability to transport people there that Ms. Klassen has."

So if you like historical novels, I suggest you try this one -- even if regency is not your usually choice. I think you will quickly learn why Ms. Klassen is a best-selling author of Christian fiction. While this book was provided by Bethany House, I've already purchased another of her books and can't wait to find time to read it!

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Casey said...

Sounds like a great book! I loved Lady of Milkweed Manor- everyone should read it! I also just love how she transports you back in time- it is simply incrediable how you feel you are standing right there next to the character. Thanks for the review. :)


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