Monday, February 15, 2010

Help! What do you think....

This week I'm working through a SWOT document from Barefoot Marketing. Jim Rubart is helping me with some of my marketing as I get ready to redesign my website in preparation for my first trades that release this summer and fall. Fortunately, I worked through part of it before attending the Masters Seminar on Marketing in December. Otherwise I would be overwhelmed. These are not your grandmother's questions.

Jim is pushing me to define who I am, why people read my books, why they like me, etc. I could really use your help because I'm either blind, overly-critical, or in self-denial. Or maybe a combination of all three.

If you've read any of my books, what did you like about them? Would you pick up another? Why or why not? What do you expect from a Cara Putman book?

BTW: here's my latest cover for my next Heartsong Presents. Didn't they do a great job! I think you get the idea of girls' baseball and a touch of romance :-)

And for grins and giggles, here's one of the questions with a video clip. Watch the video, then answer this question in your journal or notebook: What is your game? The one God has designed uniquely for you to play? In what areas do you need to "come out of the shadows?"


Casey said...

Oh, Cara don't be down on yourself!

What I expect when I read a Cara Putman novel:
~Characters that are flawed, but show a noticable change once the story is through
~A natural, sweet romance, that doesn't feel stilted
~A faith message that doesn't preach, but is woven throughout
~If it's a mystery, suspense that keeps me gripped, but isn't overly frightening, not cozy, but not nail biting either (in a good way :)
~Um, that's all I've got for now, if I think of more, I'll come back. :)

Cara Putman said...

Casey, Thank you! That's wonderful feedback and very helpful. Appreciate you!

Shana said...

These are things I like about your books:

-The history you tie into the story. I learned things I didn't know and I liked that!
-You make the history real and it made me want to learn more.
-The way you present faith in a real everyday way.
-I'm not a big mystery fan, but I like that I can read yours without being "freaked out"!
-I like the subtle way of your mysteries...the threads go in so many different directions and then you pull it all together at the end very well. I'm usually wrong as I try to guess throughout the book!
-You describe the places and settings well. I can see them in my mind as I read.

I am constantly amazed that you can whip out stories like you do while being a wife,mom,teacher,lawyer...
the list goes on. The dedication and research you put into your books shows throughout each of your stories. Thanks for going for your dream and blessing all of us in return!

Cara Putman said...

Thanks, Shana. It is so helpful to see what's working from your perspective. I know what I like about my books, but that doesn't really matter since I write them for readers :-)

bigguysmama said...

Cara, I will tell you how I feel when I read your book. I supposed I would then have somewhat that same expectation in your subsequent novels.

Reading your book made me feel like I had just stepped back in time. It felt like home. Even in the midst of turmoil with the characters, the reading was "safe" and strong. Don't know if that makes any sense, but I'm just picturing in my mind what I was feeling when I was reading.

BTW, if you check out my Reading Glasses Shopper Giveaway on my site, you will see that I used your book (which I have yet to read) as my "display". =)

~Mimi B

Casey said...

Okay, I'm back. :)

Like the other ladies have said, I love your detail with history. Your books are always clear that you have delved into this period and what to make it accurate, but you don't overwhelm the readers with useless facts. You understand the fine balance between interesting to the story and too much.

So when I pick up one of your historical novels, I am prepared to learn something new about history (like in your one story about the dogs being used in training in WWII). I didn't know about the dogs, but I wasn't overwhelmned with facts. It was a nice compliment. I think that is why I enjoy your historicals the best, accurate without being overbearing. :)

Hope that helps. :)

More than Survival said...

Ditto to what the others have said! Enjoy your books, Cara, and have introduced them to my friends!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know I am late posting but still felt the urge to do it even so late in the game.
Hmm, why I love Cara Putman books and why would I read and pick up another one?
A Cara Putman novel takes me away on a journey and always puts a major scriptural twist to all the decisions the characters make. The novels teach me more of how I want God so more present in my everyday walk, along with learning some history and having a chunk of intrigue.
I would always read another one of Cara's novels not because of what she has written but what she will be writing. The anticipation of the next historical, suspense or otherwise leave me wanting to read more. Reading her novels gives me glimpses of her Godly life and they way she brings that into her characters.
The novels Cara writes always leave me hanging on for more and I love that about fiction.
T. Warren
P.S. I am still waiting to read about finding a dead body in the bathroom (even if it never made it into a novel).


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