Friday, February 05, 2010

Watch Over Me Review

Watch Over Me is a powerfully offering from Christa Parrish. She has quickly become an author whose books I will read -- unusually since her books aren't suspense, straight romance, or a historical time period I love. This one is classified as contemporary fiction, but with overtones of women's fiction.

Even so, Watch Over Me pulled me in from the end of the short first chapter. There are so many layers to the story: a marriage in trouble, an abandoned newborn, a disabled and seriously sick teenager nobody wants, a town that's not sure how to respond. At its core though, this is a wonderfully crafted story about abandonment, the pain it causes, and the road to healing. About crawling from the lonely places we hide, and risking to reach out and love...again...and again...and again. And the writing is beautiful, lyrical, and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will return to its pages.

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