Monday, February 08, 2010

That's all the Controversy was about????

Like many of you I've heard the ridiculous carrying on about one ad that was aired during the Super Bowl. During the last couple weeks you would have thought an ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mom that aired four times prior to the Super Bowl and once during the first quarter was the sign of the beginning of the end. I actually watched part of the pregame show while jogging to see what all the hooplah was about.

What a bunch of overblown, wanna-be censors. Good grief! Can anyone really find something worth censoring about a woman talking for twenty seconds about her son?

As I read an email from Focus on the Family last night, I had to smile. They made a simple ad and paid a huge sum of money -- just like all the other advertisers -- for their thirty seconds. And God took that and has multiplied it with all kinds of free publicity. Just go to YouTube and you can find the clip from the Jimmie Kimmel show -- I don't watch the man, but his spoof was hilarious and mentioned FOTF by name. That's the kind of thing only God could do.

Frankly, I found the content in several of the other ads offensive, and we voted by flipping channels. Did I really want the image of a man wearing a thong in my mind. Eeeewwww!

So I'm grateful today for the First Amendment. It's a scant 45 words, but in the wisdom of our Founding Fathers protects the rights of FOTF to produce and pay for an ad just as much as it protects the rights of others who are willing to do the same. I may not like all the messages that are spewed, but I certainly like the freedom.


Crystal Laine Miller said...

It was a simple, great ad! And what was so great was all the buzz about it. It accomplished something--made people HAVE to think about important things. And I got a kick out of it.My mother, too, made a decision to not have a medical abortion of my brother. It's a subject dear to my own heart.

How 'bout that Purdue kid making it big? I had to mention Drew Brees to Purdue people! And Drew talks about his Christian faith, too.

Edna said...

The older I get the less sence the commericals make to me. I just don't understand them anymore, but I sure can understand a good book.



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