Thursday, March 04, 2010

Things I'm thinking about: surrender

Last night I led the women's Bible study at church....pretty spur of the moment, so I'm so glad the Holy Spirit showed up in my weakness. It was one of those times I had as many ah-ha moments as those in the class. Great back and forth and sharing. One of the concepts that sticking with me was an examination of three Biblical characters who didn't exercise wisdom.

Esau with his birthright.
David with Bathsheba.
Sarah with Ishmael.

Think about it. Esau's lack of wisdom was deciding that God's best and order wasn't good enough for him. He didn't value it, so he sold his birthright for a bowl of stew. David's real issue at the heart was going against the rules that had been established for his protection. If he'd been with his troops where the king was supposed to be rather than bored at home, he would have never seen Bathsheba and never stepped down the path of compounding sin. And Sarah decided that God's timing simply couldn't be enough. That He needed her help because He was taking too long.

When I think about it like that, it's hard to argue that I would never replicate their sin. I'd lie if I said I haven't undervalued the gifts God has given me. I'd lie if I said I've never fought against the rules that feel so constraining and limiting. And I'd lie if I said I've never tried to help God out.


So that cycles me back to the reality that the hardest part of walking out this Christian faith is the daily act of surrender. Surrendering the "supposed tos" and "this isn't how I imagined things" . Surrendering the day to day journey to God. Trusting that He loves me. And that the things that aren't going as planned aren't punishment. That it isn't necessarily a consequence. But that God's allowed them in His perfect plan.


Robin Caroll said...

Here's one of the things that hits me on this subject....God has a perfect plan for all of us, yet, in His wisdom, He knows when we'll move out of His will for us. And here's what impresses me: Even when we DO move out of God's will for our lives, He can--and often does--take those missteps and has the outcome be good and a lesson to those who come behind. What better example of waiting on God's timing rahter than acting on our own is there than Sarah? That one story brings me such comfort when I'm waiting on be able to pray through the discouragement and disappointment....knowing that if I don't wait, there could be serious repercussions. That's just me. Good stuff this morning, girl.

Nicole O'Dell said...

That something I try to show teens in my books...that when we veer off God's path, forgiveness and mercy always forge a new path in front of us if we're willing to walk on it.

Thanks for the great reminders, Cara.

Cara Putman said...

Thanks, gals. It really hit me fresh last night as I was teaching. Love how God does that. You've added great thoughts! Much to ponder.

Anonymous said...

The benefit here is we see the outcome of their choices.

Esau- did not appreaciate his birthright and his interest was to feed his hunger right at that moment. We must also take in account Jacob's (& their mother's) part in this wrong methods of not waiting on the Lord.

David- perhaps he thought he was above reproach and no could not be bothered with his responsibilty even though he gave us the beautiful Psalms. The choice of that one day cost him and his family so much.

Sarah- aging and wondering when the promise would come she took matters in her own feeble hands.
Israel has to battle this choice ever since that day. We must also take in the account that it was from Abraham's seed that this opposing nation came in existance.
Sarah did not enter this decision alone, but she was the one pushing.
(that is a big OUCH!)

What I love from all this that there is not a person within God's word that has not fallen short of the glory of God. Despite our shortcomings, bad choices of walking in our flesh He desired to love us with an unfathomable love. The greatest part is God's redemption through Jesus Christ.

Thank you,Cara, for bringing this for all of us to ponder.

from Miriam (fB friend)

Sue Brust said...

Yes, it is so easy to talk about surrender, yet quite challenging to actually do it!

David said in Psalm 32 that when he kept silent about his sin, his body was wasting away. He discovered that when he finally acknowledged his sin and would no longer try to hide his inquity that forgiveness came and the guilt of his sin was lifted!

It's comforting to know the Lord is able and willing to redirect our paths when we mess up. We just have to be willing to follow Him!

How faithful our God truly is! How wonderful to belong to HIM!

kristen said...

Oh, Cara! You have no idea how much I needed to read your last paragraph. God's perfect provision of showing me just what I needed to hear.
Thank you!!


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