Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dreaming With Our Kids

So I didn't really know what to blog about today, and my wonderful mom gave me a great idea. One that's near and dear to my heart.

Dreaming with Our Kids.

I've often wondered why I've never felt like I couldn't do something. No matter how crazy or out of this world, I thought anything I could dream was doable. What a crazy, amazing gift.

But how do we transmit that same take on the world attitude to a new generation?

Here are a few thoughts. I'm sure more will come to me...

1) Always encourage the dreams --no matter how crazy -- as long as they aren't illegal or dangerous. You knew I had to add that disclaimer. But if a kid can dream it and you can support it, let them dream. Time will change their crazy dreams. But I don't want to be the one telling my kids it's impossible - at least not until it truly is. Who am I to limit God?

2) Leave it to God to change or redirect their dreams. He cares about our kids so much more than we do. So leave it to Him to tweak and redirect. He knows our kids. He loves them more than we do. So let Him lead and guide.

3) Encourage the children to see God as the creator of dreams. If they see Him as the source, they'll be more likely to relinquish it back to Him. And most dreams worth dreaming require sacrifice.

So there are a few thoughts. Stay tuned for more.

1 comment:

Walt Catlett said...

Hey, Cara. Just a couple of thoughts
on the dreaming with our kids. Bill
Johnson's Dreaming with God book.
Janzten Franklin's book. The Wild at
Heart guy wrote a small book that I picked up at your bookstore many years ago, that I really enjoyed. I gave away 8 or 9 copies of that one.
The title would give it away, although I can't seem to remember it now. Love you, Dad.


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