Monday, May 03, 2010

Goals for this month

Last night, I sat down and sent a question to a small writer's group I'm in. What are your goals for May?

Of course, that meant I had to start with mine. So here goes...for the month of May, I will...

  1. Write 20K words on my next Guideposts novel. My editors have the outline and are super fast, so I expect to be able to start writing soon. 20K a month in May, June and July will even leave me a couple weeks for edits. That would be awesome.
  2. Develop a synopsis for a World War II series that is bouncing through my mind. I'm in research mode on it, and it's time to start doing the work of developing the characters to go with the settings and historical hooks. I LOVE this idea, and hope my agent and some editor somewhere will love it, too. Historical romance with suspense. Yeah!
  3. Start teaching my summer MBA business law class at Purdue. This is my sixth year I believe. I love teaching this class and can't wait to meet my new group of students.
  4. Finish the homeschooling. We do summer school a couple days a week most of the summer -- keep the math fresh and emphasize subjects that we agree on. But the kids and I are both looking forward to being done with five days a week.
  5. Research another World War II idea that is percolating.
  6. And start a proposal requested by one of my editors.
  7. I'm also excited that this week I'll start a new Bible study at church for 4-6th grade girls. That will be a step outside my comfort zone, but I know God is asking me to do it. Besides, it's a great group of girls. Can't wait to see what God does in them and me.
  8. And there will be lots of work with the ACFW conference, too.
There. That's it. So what are your goals?


Name: Holly Bowne said...

Wow, I'm breathless just reading your goals! I'm you ever sleep. ;o)

My goals pale in comparison, but I'll put them out there:

1. Write 10K on my current WIP.
2. Submit one article and two essays I've been slowly working on.
3. Completely finish planning my daughter's grad party!!!

Julie Jarnagin said...

I also work with the 6th grade girls at our church! We usually have between 15-20 girls each week. Thankfully, I have a co-leader. Their energy is exhausting, but they are wonderful girls.


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