Friday, May 14, 2010

Goals Redux

Remember that elaborate goals post I had earlier this month. It looked so good! Well, it all went out the window when my editors asked me to rehash a book again. I'm glad to do it, but it means I won't start writing the next book this month. Bye-bye, that goal. And I won't get to the synopsis I wanted to write. Sob.

But isn't that how life is. We make a goal. And then life happens.

The kid gets sick.

The boss asks for something different.

Our spouse has to travel a lot unexpectedly.

That's okay. Even if it weren't, we have to adjust. So here are my revised goals:

  1. Rewrite book four in the Guidepost series based on the revised outline. Hit it out of the park so all love it.
  2. Keep thinking about characters for a synopsis for a World War II series that is bouncing through my mind. While I LOVE this idea, recognize it won't get written this month.
  3. Start teaching my summer MBA business law class at Purdue. This is my sixth year I believe. I love teaching this class and can't wait to meet my new group of students.
  4. Finish the homeschooling. We do summer school a couple days a week most of the summer -- keep the math fresh and emphasize subjects that we agree on. But the kids and I are both looking forward to being done with five days a week.
  5. Research another World War II idea that is percolating -- this will have to hold until June.
  6. And start a proposal requested by one of my editors -- this will have to hold until June.
  7. Bible study at church for 4-6th grade girls -- this is going great! Up to 14 girls a week, which shows there was a real need.
  8. And there will be lots of work with the ACFW conference, too -- this doesn't change. Stay tuned for more.

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