Monday, May 24, 2010

Love this: Swagger Wagon

I don't have a minivan...yet. I love my Chrysler Pacifica. But this just about sells me. Thanks to the delightful Jenny B. Jones for making me aware of the "Swagger Wagon."

So sit back, smile, and celebrate your roles as mother and father to a posse. :-)


Casey said...

Oh LOL! I love their ads on TV. I need to get on Youtube and watch the rest. Thanks for sharing. :D

Lisa Faye Harman said...

That is hilarious!

I was disappointed to miss lunch on Saturday. I sat at the baseball games with a book to read between pitches.

Love the new website design and the new book sounds great!

Crystal Laine Miller said...

When you have a lot of kids, you gotta have the ride. LOL. Funny.

I didn't want the minivan, either, so I had a Suburban back in the day. Now I'm driving an Aspen for our band equipment and my golf clubs. Oh, yeah.


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