Friday, October 29, 2010

Classic Hollywood Reviews: Snow White

1938 was a very good year for kid's movies. It was the year that Walt Disney released his very first full length feature film cartoon. Who hasn't seen Snow White at least once, read the Disney based version of the book at least once, or introduced their own children to the magic and wonder of the story about a princess who must escape the evil queen who wants to kill her because her beauty usurps the queen's?

Compared to some of today's cartoons (Cars, Incredibles, Finding Nemo) the artistry seems to basic. But at the time, it was light years ahead of what movie goers expected. Think of Willie the Steamboat Captain cartoons from the 20s with the earliest versions of Mickey Mouse. And there is something about the cartoon that makes it an appealing story even 70 years later.

Come on, name the seven dwarves. I bet most of us can rattle them off without thinking. And the songs are timeless: heigh ho, heigh ho.... or the one with Snow White singing into the wishing well.

Disney was honored in 1939 for his groundbreaking movie with a special Oscar that had the seven dwarfs on it.  Who was you favorite dwarf?

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kristen said...

I love Dopey. He's just so darn cute!!


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