Monday, December 06, 2010

Secrets of Harmony Grove Review

Secrets of Harmony Grove is another great read by Mindy Starns Clark. Each book gets better -- and this one doesn't have the intense suspense pacing of Under the Cajun Moon. It is set in Amish country, but like another reviewer said isn't an Amish book. Instead, the story focuses on Sienna and a murder that occurs at her B&B in the heart of Lancaster county.

There are many layers that are woven from the first chapter. At times I wondered how all the varied pieces would fit together, but by the end, they all came together. There's her job, her boyfriend, a mystery surrounding her grandfather, a World War II twist, not to mention a murder and couple assaults to be solved. As she digs, each layer twists and turns through the pages.

There's also a tightly woven layer spiritual theme that fits with the rest of the plot. It adds a layer of dimension to the main character without slowing down the reading. The characterization goes below the surface level, and the motivations for the characters works. It is a complex book that makes for a page-turning read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the ultimate twist that comes in the final pages.

And here's a teaser for a book that doesn't release until next spring: In the Shadow of Evil by Robin Caroll is a great southern suspense. It has all the elements I've come to expect from her books. Richly drawn characters. Twisting plots. And she usually keeps me guessing -- I was guessing this time even though I helped her brainstorm the motivation for the bad guy -- I could remember that, just not who the bad guy was. So if you haven't read any Robin Caroll books yet, this will be a great one to start with. And the cover is stunning.

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