Friday, December 31, 2010

Review: A Woman and Her Workplace

More than a book about how to get along with difficult people, A Woman and Her Workplace shows you how to allow God to transform your heart so His love and care will flow through you to the people you work alongside. In it, you will learn to recognize and stand against attitudes that wreak havoc on workplace relationships and replace them with the strong Biblical principles of humility, integrity, forgiveness, grace and celebration.

Rosemary Flaaten parallels the challenges women face in the workplace today with those of Esther, a woman who was eequal to the challenges of the job God gave her. Regardless of what kind of work you do or your level of authority, you have the potential to take your workplace experience from drudgery to delight.

My thoughts: this book is an easy read that addresses issues so many of us face. Who wants to spend the hours of 9-5 dreading the people or situations you work with? And shouldn't work be an area where our faith shines? The author starts with a common foundation: The love chapter in I Cor. 13. But she quickly adapts it to the workplace, translating it to maxims like:
  • Because I love the people I work with, I will never give up on them.
  • I will care more for others than for myself.
She easily integrates the story of Esther with work stories many of us can relate to...everything from coloring the truth to protect ourselves to transforming anger to forgiveness. Each chapter ends with a list of scriptures to ponder as well as discussion questions.

This would be a great book for a Bible study or discussion group. 

I received this book to review.

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