Sunday, January 02, 2011

Book of Days Review

Book of Days is a page-turner from James Rubart. With some authors it's hard to sustain the success of a first novel. But with this book, the author has exceeded the skill he showed with his debut release.

Cameron Vaux's losing his mind. Each day it feels like his memories are slipping farther and farther away. In a desperate effort to restore them and avoid the end his father faced, he makes a desperate bid to find the Book of Days, a mysterious volume that both his father and his wife made him promise to find before they died. The search takes him to a small town in Oregon that is filled with secrets and hidden agendas. If his plight weren't so desperate, it would be easy to give up but he can't.

He is helped on his search by his reluctant friend Ann Bannister, who has her own reasons for being in town. And her presence adds a touch of romance to the book.

The plot hurtles through twists just like a rock climber who's slipped in their climb. The result is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed and couldn't put down. One aspect that I loved the most is that I did not identify the person behind the suspense thread. In many books lately, I've been able to do that, so it was a welcome relief to have a book that surprised me at the end. This book is perfect for those who like suspense with a twist. This time that twist is what if people thought the book of days really on earth?

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