Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review: Digitalis

Digitalis picks up tempo quickly and launches you into the world of an elite military team. But rather than being only action-driven, there's also a great, star-crossed romance. Cowboy had a strong supporting role in the first book, but comes to life as the kind of hero I adore. He's strong, passionate, and filled with angst. And he's met his match in Piper Blum, a woman with a hidden past. This series reminds me of Dee Henderson's books, but with even stronger suspense. I highly recommend this book for those who love romantic suspense set in a military setting. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough!

In fact Digitalis was so good, I went back and read Nightshade. For some reason I struggled to get into it the first time -- probably because of the struggling marriage romance. But after I finished Digitalis, I picked up Nightshade and inhaled it.  Nightshade follows the leader of the elite group, and shows his battles with post traumatic stress syndrome. His wife Sydney files for divorce after she becomes convinced he won't change -- and it's a divorce neither wants. Thoughout the book, I hoped they'd get back together, but there were no guarantees. In fact, at every turn, things jumped into the way, making that option impossible. Then Max's team is sent into a hostile jungle to free missionaries all while Sydney is tracking a military group that shows up as a shadow on the world stage. They've saved villages but nobody knows who they are.
Trust me. This is a series lovers of romantic suspense will want to read!

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