Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Four Years Ago

Four Years Ago today was the day of our first miscarriage. So much has happened since then.

Grieving. Healing. More grieving. And seeing how God has used our tragedies for His glory. I am so grateful for that. I'm also grateful that this year the anniversary hasn't been paralyzing.

We have two children in heaven. Two children I will one day meet. Just this week the kids and I were talking about Baby Gabe and deciding the other baby's name is Baby Mickie (for Michael/Michelle).  I love that we can talk about them, and it's not some family secret.

When I took our Christmas tree down a week ago, two of the ornaments represent the babies. And thanks to a dear friend from church who is more creative than I am, I've started giving grieving moms a pair of hand-knit, precious booties...a way to let them know their baby is cherished and missed by others. Maybe they'll put them on their tree, or somewhere else where they can see and know their baby is special. Sometimes just knowing someone else cares and grieves with you is all you need.

So if you know someone who's lost a baby, pray about how you can come alongside them. It may just be as simple as a pair of baby booties.


Casey said...

Thanking God for the peace He has given you and your family, Cara. You are a witness!

Jaime said...

I SO relate to this - we had three miscarriages within 2 years before our little Chloe JoAnne finally joined us Christmas 2009. I have 3 Willow Tree angels people gave me at each miscarriage that I see every day and ask Jesus to give them hugs from mommy. Chloe's willow tree angel came by "accident" from a friend who didn't know of the others. I rejoiced as I set it with her brother/sisters.

Hey!!! Our little ones are probably getting into lotsa trouble up their if they have our imaginations ;)

Cara Putman said...

Jaime, I can just imagine the fun our little ones are having. So glad people blessed you with those tangible reminders of your little ones in heaven. Also, pick up a copy of Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo. There's a chapter in there that deals with miscarriage.


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