Monday, January 24, 2011

Love & War Devotional: Review

In honor of our 15th anniversary this week, I wanted to introduce you to a devotional for couples by John & Stasi Eldredge. Taken from their book Love & War, the devotional is broken into eight weeks. Each day has a short (small page) devotional, then a prayer to read, and a scripture. The devotionals are short enough to add to even the busiest schedule. And they are thought provoking with the underlying question: do we care enough about our marriages to wage war to keep our love alive and strong? The devotions are the right length to make it very possible for a couple to squeeze in some together time and invest in their marriage.

1 comment:

Marvin and Teresa said...

Congratualtions Cara! We'll reach that goal this summer. What a way to delve deeper as a couple and to learn even more about the one you married, even if it has been for a short time or a lot longer.


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