Friday, January 28, 2011

Classic Hollywood Reviews: You Were Never Lovelier

It's time for another Classic Hollywood Review, and thanks to my friend Stephanie who recommended this movie and loaned it to me.

You Were Never Lovelier stars Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth. Frankly you could stop right there in my book and have a great movie. There's lots of singing and dancing as Fred's character (Bob) stumbles into wooing Maria (Rita's character). In Maria's family the daughters have to get married in order of birth. That's not a problem since the movie starts with the oldest daughter's wedding, except that Maria has no interest in the men around her. Instead, she's waiting for a prince that will never come -- at least that's what her younger sister's fear. In steps Papa with his grand solution, and the next thing you know Bob is wooing her only he's not but he really is.

It's a fun romantic romp that fits the 1940s perfectly. The dancing is elegant -- though I still chuckle when I see strangers dance so beautifully the moment they meet.  The other thing that made me chuckle is how un-South American looking the girls are - especially Rita. Just fun since the movie is supposed to take place in Argentina.

Over all this is a pleasant film that is worth the time -- especially if you're a Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth fan.


Jenny B. Jones said...

I've never heard of this one! It sounds perfect...maybe perfect for my snow days next week. : )

Anne Mateer said...

1940s movies are so fun. I'll have to find this one!

Kameko said...

I thought I had seen all of Fred Astaire's movies but some how missed this one. It sounds really good & I'll have to find it now!
Thanks for the review.


kristen said...

Oh, I'm going to have to remember this one. I've never heard of it either. Thanks for the review:)

Anonymous said...

The other movie with Hayworth and Astaire is "You'll Never Get Rich". A very different type of movie-more of a screwball comedy. Still, lots of wonderful dances. You can find "So near and yet so far" on You Tube. Music by Cole Porter.


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