Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guest Post: Care for Me

My ten year old daughter wrote a poem last night that shows a heart for adoption. She's asked me to share it with you -- and I'm delighted to do so. Here she is:

My hope for this poem is that your hearts will be touched. And as a result, that there will be fewer kids crying these words. And more people will step out and help. If you would like to share this with friends and family, you may. Abigail

Care for Me
    by Abigail Putman

Care for me.
Please care for me.
I need a loving father and mother.

Please care for me and call me your own.
Take me home.
Give me a home.
Please, Mommy, come and get me.

Oh, Daddy, I need someone
to teach me wrong from right.
Who will love me for who I am more than you?

I need you more than ever!
Come and get me before I'm 18.
They'll kick me out.
I'll need a home. I'll need food and a job.
But I really need you to lead me through.

Please come and care for me.


Casey said...

That is simply lovely, Abigail. :) Just like the person that wrote it.

kristen said...

This is awesome, Abigail! As a foster/adopt mom your poem really touched my heart. May God use your poem to inspire many to love on those who need love the most!
God Bless


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