Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Robin Caroll Writes for Him & Giveaway

I’m a stubborn person. Okay, all who are reading this who know me are now laughing aloud and thinking, “That’s putting it mildly.” Anyway, I’m stubborn and independent and a little headstrong. (Ok, stop laughing now.) I just knew that when I wrote my first book, it’d be published. I mean, I wrote it, right? It should be published. Wrong. I spent many a year writing stories that I thought were good, but something just wasn’t right. Wasn’t there.

And one day I realized why. Because my stories were like the ones I’d read and finished, then been depressed or sad. While I had given my stories a happy ending, I wasn’t honoring the One who gave me the storytelling gift.

What an aha moment that was for me. To write a story, but bring honor to God within the lines. It was a brand new concept for me. But I didn’t know how to do that, or was there even such a thing.

My sister introduced me to Christian fiction by loaning me some of her books. I’d had no clue there was even such a thing as inspirational fiction. I was hooked from the first one. I devoured those stories. Just had to get more. And it occurred to me that I could do this—I could write a story and fill it with hope and honor My Savior in doing so. Wow, amazed me.

So I joined writing groups that focused on edifying and teaching, directed at the Christian market. I bought craft books and attended conferences. And I prayed. A lot. I told God that published or not, I’d write to honor Him.

I made that personal decision years ago and have never looked back. I love writing stories of hope, of promise, of sharing the love I have for Christ with others. There’s no job I could love more. And even in the midst of tight deadlines, I remind myself to be thankful of being able to do what I love, and bring honor to God.

Thanks, Robin!
Today I'm giving away a copy of her latest release, In the Shadow of Evil. For a chance to receive this copy, watch the trailer, and then tell me why you need a good romantic suspense to be reading right about now.


Janet said...

My mom got me hooked on Inspirational Suspense books......I do read other things but I really enjoy a good Inspirational suspense book!! I would love read "Shadow is Evil"!!

Janet said...

oops!! I would love to read "In the Shadow of Evil"!

Marvin and Teresa said...

Great trailer. My daughter sitting next to me was on the edge of her seat. Looks very thrilling. Could use a little suspense and intrigue right now? Hmmm, I think I have plenty of suspense in my life at the moment, but always ready to read a good book. God has gifted you in your writing. Keep it up.

Jason and Emily said...

For months now I've been reading strictly in my genre, and boy I'd like a break. :) Suspense sounds perfect! I love a spinetingler.
Thanks for a great interview on putting our writing in God's hands and remembering that the timing of everything is in His control.

Robin Caroll said...

Thanks for letting me visit, Cara....hi, everybody! I'd love to hear more about why YOU READ inspirational fiction!

Laura L. Kirk said...

I LOVE inspirational fiction! It is by far my favorite genre. It takes me away to an exciting place and I get so consumed with their lives, I don't think about some of the things that I am dealing with.

kristen said...

Ohh, gives me chills!! Love the premise.
I need a good romantic suspense right now because my shows like "human target," "Chuck," and "The Event," are either finished for the season or winding down and I'll be craving something thrilling pretty soon here.
kristengjohnson (at) gmail (dot) com

Charlotte Kay said...

I need a thriller because I love a book that I can't put down. Simple as that!
Charlotte Kay
charlovesmark at gmail dot com

rbooth43 said...

I would love to read your inspirational fiction "Shadow is Evil"!The trailer has me intrigued!


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