Monday, June 27, 2011

Fully Engaged: how to do less and BE more

Don't you love the title of this book? I seriously considered not participating in this blog tour because anyone who knows me knows I am ABYSMAL at being. Instead I move on do, do, do, and squeeze in a bit more doing. Just the other night I mentioned to my husband that I'd probably work less if I had one full time job than so many cobbled together part time gigs.

This book focuses in a few short pages in helping people figure out what really matters to them. What motivates me? What brings me energy and pleasure? It's when I focus on those things rather than everything else, that I can live in a sweet spot of what God created me to do. This book has several helpful exercises to take the theory of reading and help apply it to real life. Did I do those? Um, not yet. Will I do them? Probably. They looked valuable and worth investing a bit of time in.

I think it's important to live with an eye on whether I'm where God wants me. That will move as I live. Where God wanted me five years ago, is not where He wants me today. So books like this are helpful tools to evaluate and determine whether I'm in the right spots. This short book packs a punch as it challenges you to truly evaluate your life and how to weed out the extraneous things that steal your time and your ability to do what God wants you to.

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Janet said...

Love the title! I have spent tooooo much time doing. At the expense of my being. I didn't place much value on it in my head.
In the last year, God directed me to more times of being than I was comfortable with. He was directing, it felt more like dragging at the time. Was for my good, truly. The things I discovered in the end were so worthwhile. A huge relief to focus more on what I really loved doing and have space for it.


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