Sunday, July 03, 2011

Joshua Thoughts: Take 1

I'm starting a study I've prayed about for awhile. I keep coming back to a need to understand Joshua and what made him so different from the rest of Israel. I'll probably study Caleb, too, for the same reason.

How could 12 men with the same experiences have such vastly different responses?

I think about the people of Israel. Didn't they all experience the miracles of God? Didn't the all see the Nile turn to blood? Didn't they see the frogs everywhere? Didn't they all experience God's grace as the angel of death passed over their houses as it flew through Egypt killing the firstborn in every household not protected by the blood?

Yet, they chose not to believe God could do the next thing for them.

It's like in an instant the ways --very dramatic-- ways God had moved on their behalf evaporated. That's the past. There's no guarantee He'll move for us again.

God, open my eyes to areas in my life where I show the same lack of belief and faith!

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