Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cherry Blossom Capers is Here!

My latest book has released!

Cherry Blossom Capers is a novella collection set in Washington, D.C. That means four of us each wrote a novella -- a story in 20,000 words. The stories are connected because the heroines live in the same neighborhood, the fictional Cherry Blossom Estates. While it may be fictional, it's based on the real Fairlington Village where my husband and I lived for several years.

This was such a fun project to work on. First, because it's my friend Gina Conroy's first publication! Yeah, Gina.

Second, writing is usually so solitary. Me and my computer...for hours. But this time the four of us brainstormed ideas. Then we read each others novellas. We are working together now on the marketing end. I LOVE that I'm not in it alone!!!!

Here's a bit more about my novella, Dying for Love:
Attorney Ciara Turner is horrified when she stumbles over a judge’s dead body in Alexandria. Will she be able to retain her composure and control when she joins her nemesis Daniel Evans in investigating the murder? Constantly on the opposite side of domestic cases, they have to work together to find the murderer…just in case the police and marshals run out of luck. As they are thrust back together, Ciara is reminded of how Daniel swept her off her feet as a clerk. Now she has to choose whether to risk her heart to love.

This book is available at,, and Barnes&


Anne Mateer said...

When I opened a B&N gift card on Christmas, I knew this was one of the books I wanted to order! Now it's sitting on my to read shelf waiting patiently for its turn. :)

Cara Putman said...

Anne, you just made me day. Seriously! Thank you for buying it and I hope you love it!

Marianne said...

Sounds great. will need to buy it when i get there.


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