Monday, January 09, 2012

Handling Disappointment...

It's been an interesting few days at the Putman household. First, I had disappointing news, then my eldest had a disappointing gymnastics meet.

Disappointment is terrible. Especially when you've worked as hard as you know how to work and hear that your efforts aren't quite there. They don't reach the level needed. Yet there's no clear direction on how to improve.

I cried out to God that I would do the work, I just don't know what that work is. For my daughter she can't feel the pike on her vault. How can you fix something you can't feel?

I'm such a doer. I want the four step plan, so we can take action, do something to move closer to the goal. Yet I get the sense that's not really an option this go around. I'm trying to pray. To circle the dreams with prayer and praise as Mark Batterson puts it in his new book The Circle Maker. I appreciate how God prepared me to handle these disappointments by reading this book and other things.

Here's what I know. Disappointment can push me to work harder, to go deeper as I chase my dreams. Disappointment can also push me away from my dreams. It's a choice I make. What about you? What happens when you face disappointment? Do you have strategies for handling it?


Casey said...

I'm sorry for your disappointments, Cara. Though I do hope it's not exactly what I think it might be...

I struggle. I really don't have a specific way I handle it except like you did, pray. Hang in there.

On a side note, I finished Cherry Blossom Capers last night. Thoroughly enjoyable collection and Gina has a fabulous debut voice! Great work. :-))

Cara Putman said...

Casey, it is what you're thinking. Sigh.

And thanks for the note about Cherry Blossom Capers. That was such a fun set to work on. Now praying for open doors for the stories of my heart -- the ones set during WWII.

Love you, friend.

Loree Huebner said...

Disappointment stings the heart. Just don't let it steal your heart.

Don't force the will open.

Sending up a prayer for you now.

Cara Putman said...

Loree, that is great advice. And where I struggle. Knowing how much to do and when to just wait and see. Thanks so for your prayers.

Jonah said...

Sometimes disappointment means learning your limitations. I remember the first time someone told me I tended to hit flat notes when I sang. I was crushed. I love to sing! Singing lessons and multiple takes have never helped. But the fact that listening to myself is painful hasn't changed my love of singing or songwriting, and I've never stopped either. I always thought that my songs would have to be sung by someone else, but then Autotune was invented! Now I can sing my heart out and my uncooperative voice gets fixed by a computer.

And of course, I know that a song from the heart is a sweet aroma to the Father, no matter how off key it may sound to human ears.

Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

Janna said...

I'm so sorry, Cara - disappointment is never easy, but it is sometimes an answer to prayer. In this case it doesn't mean the project is wrong, it means the place was wrong for the project. So God has something better and if this door didn't get shut then even if He had opened the right one you would have wanted to walk through the one that you wanted so badly. I still believe in the project, I just believe the place wasn't right. It will come. Just look for the open doors.

Listen to "To The Glory of God" by David Meece :-)


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