Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Looking for a Game Changer on Prayer?

The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson is a game changer for me on the way I approach prayer. While prayer is a practice Christians are urged to do as soon as they make a profession of faith, Batterson brings a new approach with the concept of circling our dreams with expectation. And the challenge that if our dreams are small enough that we don't need God's intervention, then we need to ask God for bigger dreams. This book released at a time that I received a major disappointment...the perfect time to dig deeper and ask God how to approach the reality that dreams don't always come packaged the way I'd like.

Mark Batterson writes with a style that is similar to Max Lucado. His writing is very approachable and filled with stories that illustrate his points. He also pulls from a variety of illustrations. For me, it makes the book easy to come back to and memorable.

I'm also challenged to circle my kids, my spouse, my marriage, my work, every area of my life with more intention. Through the tips in this book I'm ready to keep going, circling both my dreams and my disappointments in prayer trusting and believing that God will move -- not always with the answer I expected or in the timing I craved, but that He will move.

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Jackie S. said...

Thanks, Cara, for your comments on this book! I just heard about it...considering buying am glad to hear your thoughts.


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