Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Meditations: Missing the Miracles

Last week a writing friend of mine when through a family crisis. Her granddaughter was born and almost immediately labeled as having serious issues. An undefined syndrome that the coming days and countless doctors would surely confirm as they examined this tiny baby. My friend quickly asked for prayer.

My heart broke for them.

A time of joy had been clouded with the unknown that could alter all of their lives.

Five days later she was back with a praise report. After being examined by countless doctors the verdict was no syndrome. This little girl might need glasses at some point -- don't most of us? -- and one other cosmetic, minor detail. So far from a prognosis of genetic syndromes.

Praise God! But was captured me was the end of Trish's email, which I'm sharing with you with her permission:

"If all of these positive developments had been shared in a single diagnosis immediately after the horrible initial one, it would have be an obvious miracle. There's a risk of discounting the Lord's blessings when they're spoon fed like this over several days. But I'm telling you, friends, this is a miracle. God is so good."

Stop and think about that a moment? Isn't there something profound in the many moves of God and miracles have we missed in our lives because they are pieced out...they don't happen instantaneously?  Soak in that. Ask the Holy Spirit to prompt you to see those miracles you may have missed.

This is one reason I think journaling and pausing to look back are so important. If we don't stop, we'll miss God. And then we'll wonder why He isn't moving in our lives. Maybe He is...but we just don't recognize it.


Cindy Thomson said...

So true. And not only in great things. The touch of God is everywhere. We just have to look. Thanks for the reminder, Cara.

Marianne said...

We have an awesome God...doctors are good, but God knows the plans he has for us


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