Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Meditations: Where is God?

Recently I was reading prayer requests from friends. These friends have battled and battled. They are so weary.

Maybe you feel the same way. If so, let the following encourage you.

When we're in a place where we can't sense God even when we've begged Him to move, I’m reminded of Daniel. Remember in Daniel 10...Daniel’s prayed and prayed, but there’s no answer. Daniel mourned for three weeks. He fasted during that time. Still no answer.

Then after three weeks the angel finally comes to him. His first words were "Daniel, you who are highly esteemed." Really, you're calling me highly esteemed? The one God has ignored? The angel continues with "do not be afraid." Maybe Daniel was thinking it'd be a lot easier to not be afraid if God would actually answer.

The angel continues by explaining how from that first prayer the answer was on the way, but the war in the heavenlies delayed him. Still he came. It just took awhile. Battles are like that. They even slow angels down.

For those of you who are so weary, please don’t ever forget that you are highly esteemed. And do not be afraid. The answer is coming. It’s not always in the timing we want or like, but it is coming. Hold on — even when you feel cried out and abandoned, God has not left you. His answer is coming and it will arrive. And do not ever feel like you can’t beg us to stand alongside you like Aaron and Hur with Moses. Sometimes we are too exhausted to keep fighting on our own. That’s why God places us in community. But we can’t pray if we don’t know the need.

You will have a testimony from this time. I firmly belive that. 

1 comment:

Marianne said...

Thanks, Cara. Sometimes we need to hear just that, that we are highly esteemed by God.


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