Saturday, March 24, 2012

88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates

My birthday is almost here and one of the best gifts I've given myself is a husband who loves our children deeply and well. Still, there's always a tension in trying to find ways to build meaningful memories with them. Just last week we took advantage of unseasonably warm weather to have a picnic at a state park ... in the middle of the week ... because we need that time to build the memories we'll talk about in twenty years.

As a college student, some of my best memories are of those times my dad came to town and took me to dinner or a movie. I loved being his date. That worked because he'd spent my lifetime building that relationship that still makes me daddy's girl. 

Sometimes it's not easy coming up with ideas. This book is filled with simple dates that don't take much preparation and many don't require much money either. The focus is on spending time together -- father and daughter. Some involve new experiences like ice skating. Others focus on outdoors activities or on cooking and crafting together. The heart of each is spending time with your young girls, so that when they are teens and young adults they'll still value you. 

This book would make a great Father's Day gift!

Here's more: 

There’s no denying the importance of a relationship between a dad and his daughter.  Girls gain a sense of self-worth from their fathers.  From little girl to young woman – a dad can make all the difference in how a girl sees herself, the world around her and the man she’ll eventually choose to be her husband.  While understanding the importance of establishing and growing that relationship, many dads are overwhelmed when it comes to actually finding the time and creating ways to “date” their daughters and help them become the strong, confident young women they want them to be.  

88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates: Fun, Easy, & Creative Ways to Build Memories Together (Paperback ISBN:  978-0-8007-2033-9, 192 pages, March 2012, $10.99) offers dads a wide variety of fun ideas for spending quality time with their special girl.  Authors Rob and Joanna Teigen offer help and encouragement to dads who want to make that all important difference in their daughter’s life.

Each date tells dad what to grab (any needed supplies), where to go, and how to grow together while having a blast and making great memories. Also included are Scripture and questions for each date to get the conversation flowing.  From bird-watching and making paper airplanes to bowling and photo scavenger hunts, there’s something for every dad and every girl ages 6-12.

She’ll be your daughter for life.  But she’ll only be your little girl for awhile.  Make the most of this special time with the help of 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates.

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