Friday, March 16, 2012

Two Suspense Titles I read this week and Loved!

In case you aren't reading one of my books for spring are a couple of really good suspense novels I've read in the last week.

Randy Singer is one of those authors that I wish could write multiple books a year. His plots are intricate, his suspense compelling, and his characterization superb. With The Last Plea Bargain he is back and at the top of the legal thriller genre. The Last Plea Bargain is a page-turning legal thriller that spins in so many directions I couldn't walk away from the story. I loved that he brought back Jamie Brock, a character from another book. Jamie is facing the death of her father and the execution of the man who murdered her mother. The problem is that his appellate attorney is willing to do anything to get his execution stayed. The man is fully convinced that his client is innocent. Then the attorney who defended her mother's killer is accused of murdering his wife, and Jamie's put on the case. From there Singer weaves an intricate web that spins between the appellate and trial cases. The trial scenes are gripping, yet the non-legal scenes are filled with tension and underlying emotions. And each time I thought I knew with certainty where the plot was headed, he threw in a twist that kept me reading.

Singer is an absolute master -- he's crafted another compelling win with The Last Plea Bargain. I hope to see more books with Jamie...My only complaint is that he can't write faster!

When we stopped at Thomas Nelson last week on our drive back from Jekyll Island, Allen asked if I'd read any of Lis Wiehl's Triple Threat novels. I'd read one and started another, so he handed me the latest that releases next week. I read it in a day. Literally. The fourth book in the series, I found it a compelling read. Because I knew the conflict that would propel the book, I thought I'd read a few chapters and walk away. Instead, because I'd just finished another book in the series, I was easily drawn into the lives of the Triple Threat members: a crime reporter, FBI agent, and federal prosecutor. This time they're not just seeking justice but fighting for their lives. As with the other books, there are multiple points of view, but this one delved deeper into each character, allowing me to better connect with them. This book left me longing for a bit more. Yet the ending satisfied as the Triple Threat Club survived...with a twist.

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