Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's in Your Hand?

Our Pastor is currently teaching a series on the great heroes of the faith. This week was on Moses. The question our pastor asked was based on Exodus 3, when God asks Moses, "What's in your hand?"

God took that simple rod and performed so many miracles through it.

So God's asking me (and you), what's in my (your) hand?

Are we willing to turn them over to Him? To give Him all we have? After all He gave it to us to begin with. He's the reason I have any ability. He's the reason I have anything to say...and anyone who cares to listen.

May I always hold my hands open, saying, "Lord, here's what I have. Use it. Use me. All for Your glory."

I pray that's your prayer, too. So what's in your hand?

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