Thursday, February 21, 2008

Author Photos

Last week we talked about author photos over at ACFW. What do people think when they see them? What do they say? Do you ever see the author as the heroine or hero after seeing their photo, etc.?

Then as I cleaned my desk -- a task that desperately needed doing -- I ran across a recent letter from a friend that I've recently reconnected with, Sandy Dengler. In addition to a very kind review of her thoughts on Canteen Dreams and it's strengths, she made a comment about my photo on my business card.

That photo is me sitting on the railroad tracks. The sun is shining brightly against the snow that blankets either side of the tracks. I will NEVER forget how cold I was during that shoot. Fortunately, you can't see in the photo how bluish/purple my hands were!

But Sandy said something interesting: "The subject is at one point on a long journey to unknown horizons, to infinity, straight and true."

Wow, that really ministers to me.

When I read it the first time several weeks ago, I still thought one contract was more likely than not. Now it isn't. And I'm floundering a bit. Asking, no begging, God to show me where He wants me right now. And it's hard because I don't know what I'm supposed to do.

But what a wonderful reminder from Sandy, that God controls my journey into unknown horizons. And in His hands, from His perspective, it looks straight and true. While from my perspective it can look derailed or side-tracked.


Now to hone the ability to hear what He wants me to do in these moments of rest and unknown.

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Timothy Fish said...

I have never placed the author's face on one of the characters. For that matter, I usually don't base my idea of the character's face on the front cover of the book either. However, if I have seen the movie before I read the book then I usually think of the actor's face as I read the book.


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