Monday, February 11, 2008

The Ups and Downs of Life

What a weekend! I got to spend the weekend in Naples, Florida with Eric. He's on a whirlwind fundraising/event tour for his job, and for once it worked out well for me to join him. We had a wonderful time talking with donors and walking the beaches near Naples.

But Friday morning before I headed to Indy, I got two radically different emails. One was from the professor I work under at Purdue letting me know that he has approval for me to teach sections of undergrads in the fall and spring! YEAH! I love to teach and am THRILLED to have the opportunity to work with college students year round. Very excited!

Then the next email I opened was from my agent. A book series that had very serious interest from a large publisher fell through. It was one of those great rejections. Basically, we don't think the timing is quite right, but Cara's talented and we'd like to work with her in the future. Sigh. This is a series that was going to move me into legal suspense, and I was really excited about it. Still am actually, but am definitely bummed at the same time.

But isn't it like God to have both arrive at the same time? Great news tempers the bad news. He also reminded me that when I first started talking to this publisher at the ACFW conference in September that there was a big part of me that wasn't sure I was ready for this step yet. Don't get me wrong, I would have found a way to jump several levels, but maybe God knows I'll be more ready for this step in a couple/few years.

Fortunately, I have a wonderful agent who told me she'll move on to the next publisher with that, but she wants me to slow down and take time to think and really work on the big concept for my next legal proposal. God knew I needed an agent who would encourage me not to rush, rather than push me for more. I do enough of that on my own.

So while I'm still disappointed, I can see His fingerprints in everything. And if I truly believe He is the one directing my path, then I have to trust Him that in the right time and with the right project, I'll get to work with this publisher and move into that area.

Now to get back to dream and ruminating!

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