Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Living in a Fog

We had six or seven inches of snow on Friday -- and this morning it's all gone. Yesterday the temperature was well into the 40s, and the area was blanketed in a think fog. All day. We live far from San Francisco...yet, yesterday it felt like we'd somehow slipped across the Rockies and over to that part of California. This morning it's still foggy.

Sometimes life is like that. Everything is beautiful and pristine, washed white by a blanket of virgin snow. Then, wham, you find yourself squinting through a fog...trying to find your way to the road and then stay on it.

What do you tell yourself when lost in a fog? Sometimes it's a fog of self-doubt. Or impatience. Or a fog of depression and sadness.

I've done enough Bible studies to know that I shouldn't let my emotions control me. There's nothing productive or God-honoring in wallowing in emotions. While God created us with emotions, I am to master them. Because the heart is deceitful above all things. Yet walking through a blanket of fog makes it difficult to raise your eyes to the One who never changes. Who never fails. Who is always with us.

Instead, we so often lower our gaze and squint to see a foot or two in front of us. Yet how our perspective changes when we lift our eyes and focus on God.

So as I walk and drive through one more day of fog, I'm going to chose to focus on Him as many times as it takes until the fog clears.

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