Friday, September 30, 2011

SCC and Adoption

Last night we took our two oldest kids to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert. Josh Wilson and Andrew Peterson joined him, and it was a great night. While we loved singing along with songs like Dive and Cinderella, my lasting moment will be sitting next to my friend Kim and crying with her as he sang "When Love Takes You in," her two forever girls sitting next to her.

Since I couldn't find the official video of that to share with you, here's the video to his current release that sure speaks to me right now. Ever feel like something you're doing doesn't matter? Even if it's picking up the toys for the 15th time that day, it does. 

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Judy said...

I love the songs by Steven Curtis Chapman. He and his wife are just down to earth people like you and me. They have suffered great loss as well as the rest of us. They also have known great joy as well as the rest of us. I love how God works through Christian Artists and Writers to bring us closer to him!

Praising Him today!


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