Monday, October 03, 2011

Teaching friendship

Me and my longest running friend Joanna
Friendship is hard work.

Distance can get in the way.

A busy schedule.

Simple drifting apart.

I've been reminded of that this week as I've tried to help my oldest navigate a tricky situation. What a a challenge.

I've been trying to remember what it was like as a tween or early teen. I remember not having tons of friends as a tween. Remember I was a real oddity back in the day because I was homeschooled and there weren't many of us in Nebraska back then -- especially in those tween years.
Then as a teen the list grew. In contrast, my oldest has lots of friends. Neighors. Homeschoolers. Gymnastics. Choir. Church. The list goes on. She tends to attract people and says we have to be friendly because we're the friendly family. And she really takes that to heart. She's the one who usually welcomes new kids to the team at gymnastics.

That's what has made this situation so challenging. She's been hurt. The other girl has been hurt. And I'm trying so hard to help guide her through the process. Realizing what a gift a friend is. Understanding she has to forgive. Maybe ask for forgiveness.

I want her to learn and salvage the friendship. But I can't guarantee either happens. All I know is if she can learn some of this now, they will be great lessons for the rest of her life.

Any tips for this Momma?

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