Friday, October 28, 2011

My Husband Rocks!

I sent off a proposal last week for a series I really want to write. It's World War II. Europe. Art. Need I say more?

I had to revamp the proposal quite a bit before sending it off because the heroine needed to be an American. Quite a change from Italian, but I have completely fallen in love with the revised heroine and her issues. You know she has to have issues!

So I made her a photojournalist. I wanted her to have a unique reason for being in Europe and found some amazing women to base her on. So then I needed a camera that a reporter would have used during that time period. My amazing husband jumped on Google and had the perfect camera in two shakes.

But not only did he find a camera that would work great. He also bought one for me! I had no idea, until he handed it to me last night. His reasoning? A photo and description wouldn't be enough to let me know what the heroine was holding and using. I love this man.

And can I just say, he's right. Out of the gate, the thing that surprised me is how heavy the camera is. That's something I would have never guessed from looking at photos. It's small, but it won't fit in a small purse. But I can definitely imagine her developing the film in a helmet like some of the photojournalists did!


Casey said...

I saw your little comment (I think) on Twitter the other day and sighed. ;-) What a SWEET gesture! I love hearing this story, thanks so much for sharing it Cara!

Janet said...

How fun that the character goes to Italia! Buona fortuna as you write! Can't wait to see which cities she visits as she takes her photos.

apple blossom said...

WooHoo way cool


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