Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Moments to Soak in...

Some days life stinks.

It just does. We've all had those. Sometimes it's a blink. Sometimes it's a week. Sometimes it's a season.

Other times, life has flashes of hope and days of joy.

And others, there are shadows of things to come.

I think that's where I'm sitting. I had a meeting on Monday that looks like a wide-open door to a dream. And no, it's not writing related. There is more to me than that.

And then there are flashes of hope that a series I truly long to write might find a home. There are still days and weeks of wondering, working, and waiting ahead...but just maybe. The fact that this is my dream publisher only adds to the anticipation and angst.

So right now, I'm sitting back (while I work hard) and wondering what God has in store for next year. Ready or not, we're in the last quarter of 2011...where did the year go? Are you actively asking God what He has for you next? I am, in no small part because He answered my prayer for this year in ways I couldn't anticipate. Ways that have me eager to see what He has in mind for 2012. And if it's anything like the possibilities shimmering on the horizon, it will be amazing!

Do you have joy shimmering on the horizon? Or are you in a season of needing someone to come alongside and hold up your hands? Either way, I know God is there and He sees you.


Sabrina Fox-Butcher said...

I am in a season of hope and possibilities. I've wanted to go back to school for so long that even though it's hard and I'm exhausted, I find myself smiling as I drive down the rode. I'm in college. I can do this. My future is bright with possibilities and I am feeling so blessed.

Praying God's best for you and the family, Cara!

Jan Cline said...

Sounds like God is speaking the same message to many of us. What you say is so true. So many things are shadows of what is to come. I posted something similar today on my blog :)

Jan Cline


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