Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Fun Children's Storybook with Wall Clings

A couple weeks ago I got a book from Kregel that I gave to my youngest daughter. At three, I wanted to see what she would do with this storybook about Noah's Ark. I was drawn to the colorful illustrations, but I wanted to see what she would do with it, especially since she'd just learned the story again in Sunday School.

The story is a well-done rendition of the much-loved story of Noah's Ark. The reading level is targeted at young elementary age with a story that flows well. I love the illustrations -- not quite cartoons, but colorful and simple.

She explored the book for awhile, but what really captured her attention were the wall clings. Before long her seven-year-old brother was helping her create scenes with them. They stuck the stickers, pulled them off, and stuck them again all over the upstairs. The wall clings have done a great job staying on the walls. However, they lose their stickiness quickly when put on other surfaces -- just ask me how I know. 

This would be a great birthday present for a 1 to 4 year-old or even a fun addition to a baby shower gift -- especially if you like to give books like yours truly.

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