Friday, October 07, 2011

Recordable Storybooks: Bedtime Prayers & Promises

My friend Tricia Goyer has told me about these recordable books from Dayspring. And then at ACFW she gave me one. Honestly, I was curious to see what they were like, because $29.95 seems steep for a storybook.

This particular storybook (and there are four total right now, you can find them all here.) has seven little devotionals. Each contains a couple paragraphs talking about some aspect of God's character. Then there's a Bible verse and a short prayer. This book has illustrations from the adorable Really Woolly card line.

What makes this series of books unique is that you can record the text in your voice so that when the page is turned you read it to the child. What a great way to connect a child with a distant grandparent. Or I'll use it the next time I have to travel to allow my younger kids to still hear my voice. I did that the low-tech way (a tape and tape recorder) when my oldest was two and I had to travel.

These books would make great baby shower gifts -- especially from close relatives or dear family friends. A great idea.

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