Monday, September 24, 2012

3 tips for using PicMonkey

One of the things I love about conference is learning about new tools and techniques. My friend Tricia Goyer is brilliant at making social media easy. While we were at ACFW, she told me about a website that lets you turn photos into postable images with text. I've always wondered how people did that. I've just started playing with it, but wanted to share it with you and add a few tips.

1) Go to I love that you don't need to register. Honestly, if I have to have log-in information to remember one more place I might go crazy. Certainly, my brain will explode and
that is simply bad for this homeschooling momma and writer. The website is fairly intuitive, but you'll want to play around for a bit.

2) Don't use Google Chrome. When you do, it crashes. I tried four or five times before I finally googled to see if there was a problem... there is. Chrome and Flash don't like each other. So save yourself some frustration and use PicMonkey in a different browser.

3) I would use photos you've taken. It makes things easier when it comes to making sure you're on the right side of copyrights because any photo you take, you own the copyright. Then have fun playing with the photos and adding phrases.

Let me know if you try it. What tips do you have?


Beth K. Vogt said...

Hi, Cara -- It was nice to meet you at ACFW!
I love PicMonkey. it's easy to use, which suits non-techy me just fine.
I use it to resize and crop photos -- nothing too fancy. Maybe one day I'll play around more, but so far, that's what I use it for.
And I use both my photos and photos I get from iStock and from (free).

Cara Putman said...

That's great, Beth! I hadn't heard of the site before Tricia told me about it at conference.


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