Thursday, September 06, 2012

House of Mercy Review

There are so many great books releasing right now...lots of great fiction to share with you. Today I want to introduce you to the latest from Erin Healy.

Erin Healy is back with another story that takes twists and turns through the natural and supernatural worlds. This author's books tend to have a strong supernatural thread, and House of Mercy follows in that vein. The book tackles the idea of whether we believe God is good when things don't go the way we expect. It's a question I've wrestled with and imagine many of us have. The story is told through the lens of Beth, an aspiring vet who risks everything her family has worked for in a late night ride on a thoroughbred that goes very wrong. Her family is torn apart and she is determined to make things right. The plot wanders through a lot of ground, telling the story through the voice of several characters. In the end all the stories come back to the concept of mercy. Will we accept it? And will we grant it. The story does not wrap up in a neat package...instead leaving room for a sequel.

This book is for those who like strong characters, don't like endings that are easy to anticipate, and want a story that doesn't fit in a neat box.

I did receive this copy for review purposes.

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