Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Falling to Pieces Series Review

Amish novels are not usually my first choice. I like them, but they tend to languish in my to-be-read pile, jumped over by romantic suspense and historicals. Yet I've often found when I do start an Amish book like those by Tricia Goyer and Leslie Gould/Mindy Starns Clark, I usually like them.

This series is a great example of how much the right series can resonate with me.  I received the first book, Falling to Pieces, as a gift, and it languished for a couple months -- partly because I had to pull one book out of my suitcase to make weight. Once I started it, though, I inhaled it and raced to buy book two. I'm so glad book three is out now! I thoroughly enjoyed this mystery series set in Shipshewana, IN.

Falling to Pieces was so fun and rich. There's something about the combination of Englisch and Amish in Shipshewana that made the story fresh. It also had an engaging mystery, quirky supporting characters, and emotional subplots that tugged me to Callie, the Englisch main character. This book is a great addition to a reading pile for those who enjoy Amish stories that have a mystery or those willing to give the genre a try.

I bought A Perfect Square after reading Falling to Pieces. It was fun to return to the "quiet" world of Callie and Deborah though this book starts with the mystery. A young woman is found dead in a pond. Deborah is determined to find the truth so she can help free a friend who's been accused of the murder. Yet Callie is trying to find someone who's been missing 40+ years. Add in layers of romance, spiritual truth, and the characters I already love, and this was a book I raced through while trying to savor it. I really enjoy these books set in Shipshewana, Indiana. Makes me want to hop in the car to enjoy a market day. 

                                                    In Material Witness, Callie, Deborah and their friends return for another mystery. The mix of Englisch and Amish continues in this story with the added bonus that the kids play a larger role. Because the action centers around Daisy's quilt shop, quilts play a large role. From subplots to descriptions to literally saving the day. There's even a stronger dose of romance than appeared in the earlier novels. 

Even if you haven't read the earlier two books (buy them, too!) , you will enjoy Material Witness. It's perfect for those who love highly relational casts with a fun setting, great supporting characters, and a strong mystery to solve.


Vannetta Chapman said...

So glad you enjoyed the series, Cara. Book 3 has some surprises, so I hope you do read it!


Cara Putman said...

I loved Material Witness. It was great fun, too. Great job on the series, Vannetta.


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