Friday, November 23, 2012

Trust: another perspective

This week I'm rerunning some of my earlier posts. I hope you enjoy this video. It's still a great reminder of how we live, and how God wants us to live!
Here's a great clip from Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love.

As I watched this the other day, God took it a step further in my mind. I think some of us do cling to the balance beam. But others of us are trying to do a full routine for God. Everything He puts in front of us we tackle with gusto. Then something happens.

Life throws us for a loop.

The perfect life we'd been living is suddenly shaken to our core. Then we get up to do that skill again, and we can't. We now have a mental block because our mind tells us we'll get hurt again. And God watches, waiting and encouraging. He says, "You can." We say, "I can't." And in the process we lose the ability to live the full life He has for us. Until we can climb up on that balance beam, dust the chalk off, and trust Him to catch us if we try and fall again.

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