Friday, March 01, 2013

More of You, Lord

This morning I wanted to share a couple things that are bubbling in my spirit. I seem to be in a season where God is challenging me to dare to ask more of Him. And it's a season where the thought wearies me. 

How terrible is that? God dares me to ask for more. And all I can think is "God, I'm just too  tired." Maybe that's why my eyes want to fill with tears every time I take a breath today. My heart's cry has always been to live more for Him, to live big for Him. And now I can't find the energy to ask for it...when I have the invitation.

I want to live a life that dares to dream those God-sized dreams that scare me to death. The ones where I know, but for God it is impossible.

So frequently right now, I am colliding with posts and quotes that dare me to do just that. Here's a sampling:

"We’ve carved a “God” out of our own image, assigned Him the utmost and noblest of human characteristics, unintentionally envisioning Him to be more of a “superhuman” than the sovereign El Elyon—The Most High God.… I think sometimes that God must listen to our pitifully small acclamations, expectations, and petitions in prayer, and want to say, “Are you talking to Me? I’m not recognizing Myself in this conversation. Are you sure you have the right God?”-Beth Moore

God is not offended by your BIG DREAMS and BOLD PRAYERS. He is offended by ANYTHING LESS. Mark Batterson

I'm also redoing Beth Moore's Esther study, jam-packed with the idea of stepping into our God-given destinies and the reality of how hard and inconvenient that is. I've started Craig Goeschel's Altar Ego and the beginning is loaded with the same idea through the lens of stepping into our identities that Christ has given us. Wearing the new name He has given us.

So who's with me? Who's willing to say, God, I'm tired, worn out, broken, but I'm Yours. Stretch my vision. Challenge my complacency. Break my heart until it is soft, malleable, and something only You can use. Not for my glory, but Yours? 

4 comments: said...

I have no idea what God has for your next adventure, but perhaps it's not anything more you will need to do. Perhaps it's less. This past year I struggled with my own ideas for what I wanted to do with my writing and God kept whispering that for now the answer was, "Stop." He reminded me that the Israelites obeyed not only in the following of the cloud, but in stopping when he asked them to camp for a while. Both can be scary. I have no idea what he will ask you to do next, but my encouragement is -- I bet it won't make you more tired. His burden is light. I bet it will be to take something off your shoulders in order to bring more peace. But whatever it is, I have a feeling it will be scary to obey. :) Thanks for sharing your heart with us.

Cara Putman said...

Charity, Thanks for those words of encouragement and challenge. Pondering them now...

5020genesis said...

Cara, it's so funny you have been feeling this way. I do a Bible study with four other ladies and we have all felt this challenge from God. Our prayers are "give us more, we want all You have for us." Yes I am with you!


Cara Putman said...

Melissa, that is encouraging to me that God is whispering the same thing to y'all!


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