Friday, August 31, 2007

Unplugging? ACK!?!?!?

During our vacation, Eric and I unplugged – no wireless internet up in the cabin. Though we did find that one of the ice cream shops had wireless. Yes, an ice cream shop. However, by then it was a matter of principle not to check. I’ve got to be at least 1100 emails behind. Do you know how long that will take to download?!?!? Maybe our hotel tomorrow night will have wireless. If not, my computer will get quite the workout Sunday night.

He only pulled out his blackberry once or twice. I only turned on my cell phone a couple times a day to make sure nobody had left a message.

It’s amazing how – dare I say – addicted I am to email. I literally average 150 emails a day during relatively quite days. This doesn’t count the email that comes in but is automatically diverted to folders I flip through once or twice a week.

So my husband laughs at me and rolls his eyes, as I run to the computer to check email quickly several times an evening. And my kids usually know where to find me if I’ve disappeared.

This time away has shown me, I can go a day without email without twitching – too much. And that I need to develop a strategy to corral the tyranny of the urgent. It’s one of those crazy dilemmas…let it pile up and deal with it once or twice a day? Or deal with it in dribs and drabs as it collects over the day.

How do you handle the demands of a wired society?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Anyone else need a break?

Last night my husband was out of town for work, so I called a good friend. Ann and I are scrapbooking/crafty friends. You should see us pull out our tools and go to town slicing and dicing photos, cards, etc. One time she even crocheted. She is a multi-talented woman.

It had been several months since I let myself do anything creative other than writing.

I have to be careful because I get on these kicks and just can't help myself. Case in point: I do three albums at a time. One is the family album. One is Abigail's album. And one is Jonathan's album. Needless to say, if there was ever a fire, I'd have one aching back by the time I got all the albums out!

But in the push to write all these books on deadline, I've lost the ability to slow down. Okay, okay. Those of you who've known me are thinking, "And this is new how?!?!"

Even Sabrina, my dear writing buddy, was calling me on it Saturday. "Cara, we've got to schedule some writing breaks for you."

I know this is true. I really do.

But see if I step back, then I realize the family album is almost THREE YEARS behind. Eck! Now my fingers are itching to get that album caught up. I was HORRIFIED when I realized it was that bad. I have 100s of photos on my computer that I haven't printed, simply because I don't want to feel that far behind. Plausible deniability. If I can't see the photos, then they're really not late. We attorneys can make anything sound almost logical.

God calls us to rest.

I know it. I've read all the scriptures about Sabbath rests. But, to be brutally honest, I stink at taking them. I live with this sense of urgency that I can't explain.

I feel there is so much to do, that I have a hard time slowing down. That's why our vacation to North Carolina was tailor made. No internet. Turned off the cell phone -- most of the time. Even took three whole days off from writing -- then deadline fever kicked in again.

So how do you do it? Are any of you experts at finding balance? Even though my deadlines are technically behind me and my agent has told me to take my time, I feel this internal pressure building up again. One more contract. I only have one more contract to fulfill. Must write lots of proposals. Get these ideas down on paper. Pitch them to the right people. Let my agent work her magic.

I only have ten more years to pour into Abigail before she likely heads off to college. Jonathan wants to read, so must teach him 15 syllable words -- TODAY.

You get the picture. Help! And if you know of any long scrapping events in my neck of the woods, let me know. I could use oh about 72 hours to get caught up :-)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have to tell you, I have been THRILLED about the process of working with Heartsong Presents on the cover for Canteen Dreams. Often as a writer, you will hear horror stories of authors who hated their covers, but there was nothing they could do about it. One agent told me that was a place this particular person could be helpful. And I'm sure this agent was right. It can help to have someone run interference.

But Heartsong has been wonderful!

My editor JoAnne sent me the first cover several weeks ago. I liked the picture and LOVED the backcover copy. But the image was missing something. It had a rancher looking guy and a train. The kind of image that could be from anytime after oh about 1870.

My books set during the opening days of World War Two. Pearl Harbor is the inciting incident in some ways.

I didn't want someone to pick up the book based on the cover and think they were getting a typical western. That's so NOT what I write. But the moment you read the backcover copy, you knew exactly what kind of story it was.

So I emailed my editor with everything that I loved, and an idea about how to match the cover with the time period. I'm not overly creative when it comes to visual things, so wouldn't have been surprised with whatever they came back with. My editor very graciously agreed that it needed something to hint at the time period.

Yesterday morning I got THREE options. Not one, not two, but three! I am thrilled. There are elements I love about all of them. They really capture the time period and let you know from the first glance when this book took place.

And I am humbled all over again about how God took this little dream of mine and placed me in the perfect place, working with the right people. He is so amazingly good to me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have a new car!

So we bought a new car at the end of July. It’s something we’d talked about and planned for for awhile. Definitely not your spur of the moment decision.

I had to laugh as I took the car for a test drive. My Dad was with me. :-) I’m 33, and I took my father for a test drive of my new car.

Probably a year ago now, my friend Kristin Billerbeck sent an article to the ACFW writers loop. It was from AOL news, if I remember correctly. It matched cars with personality. Eric and I laughed as we read it, because the car we were thinking about was listed. And the description fit me.

Another year went by, and now I’m in that car.

A Chrysler Pacifica. The AOL article called it the soccer mom vehicle for women who have kids, but refuse to be relegated to a minivan and don’t want a SUV. Okay, so the refuse-to-be-relegated line is all mine. The thought of driving a minivan just about makes me break out in hives. And a SUV is so not me. That’s really a truck, and not at all what I want.

So I have a Pacifica. And I LOVE it. Good thing, too, since I’ll probably drive it at least seven years. And now my lovely Ford Taurus is being driven by a neighbor’s son. I love being able to bless someone else as we’re moving on to the next car.

Oh, and did I mention, we broke the Pacifica in with a drive to the North Carolina mountains. :-) Yeah, we like to do it right.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Middle Names

My friend Pam tagged me for this what's in a name game.

1. Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

2. When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.

3. At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Now, my husband and I would argue over my middle name since I now use my maiden name as my middle initial. However, my middle name will always remain Danelle. My Dad loved this name. The feminine form of Daniel, it means "God is my Judge." Dad loved this name so much, it's my middle name, one of my brother's middle name, and would have been my other brother's middle name until Mom told him to find a new middle name.

We played this game while we were in North Carolina, too. The Rib Shack used paper bags as placemats, so while waiting for our food we did this kind of thing with our first names.

D - Hmm, delightful, dedicated and disciplined.
A - Ambitious, Adventurous
N - Nice,
E - enthusiastic
L - Lovable, light-filled
L - Loving, laugher
E - excited about life, God, family, the world, dogs, books, cats, you get the idea.

I'm supposed to tag people. So I suppose I'll tag Sabrina, Crystal, Gina and Joanna. Why? Because I like you :-)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tucker's Miracle

While we were in North Carolina, we got to catch up with dear friends of ours from our time in D.C. John and Amy Green were house parents at the Sacher Intern House when I moved to DC to intern for the Leadership Institute.

Amy was the first person I met, and quickly became like a big sister to me. Then they moved into Fairlington Village, and a year or so later, we bought a townhouse there, too. Then we were only a block apart – and still working at the same place. Then we moved to Indiana, and shortly after, they moved home to North Carolina where John now works as a web guru for Samaritan’s Purse.

So when I knew we were coming to North Carolina for vacation, I quickly emailed Amy to make sure we could hook up with as many of the Greens as possible.

Last Tuesday we met them at Pisgah National Forest near Brevard for a delightful day. We played in a waterfall – Looking Glass ? – had a picnic, and then went to Sliding Rock.

While all of that was wonderful, the best part was catching up and seeing with our own eyes the miracle that Tucker Green is.

You see, in May, he unexplainably lost the ability to walk. Ever been a doctor’s mystery? Trust me, you don’t want to be. But that’s exactly where the Greens found themselves, when Tucker was run through a litany of tests and experts trying to find some cause. Instead, all they got were a list of things he didn’t have.

While he was in the wheelchair, Tucker would pray, and God would answer with a dream. Now these were specific dreams. The kind where He says in three days this will happen. And the wonderful, amazing thing is that God said in three days you’ll walk. And three days later, Tucker walked with a walker. They kept their plans to go on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Costa Rica. Tucker wanted to do the zipline, and even that morning, his dad thought he shouldn’t. But God had told Tucker he would do it, and he did. It was at that spot that Tucker began to walk on his own again.

Why do I share this story? Because it’s a story of the magnificence of God. A God who still does signs and wonders today.

But even more, because this could become the rock of remembrance in this ten-year-old’s life. This could become a moment that he clings to through the future storms of life, where he can say, I don’t care what my circumstances say, my God is bigger – He made me walk again when noone could explain what was wrong.

We each have those moments in our lives. Some more dramatic than other, but all there none the less. Those times we need to come back to – pull out the rock from our pocket and rub it between our fingers as we stare at the mountain in front of us. Pull out our dreams and fears and place them on an alter built of the stones from every time God has moved in our lives.

If you haven’t done it for awhile, find time and look back at what God has done in your life lately. I guarantee you will find His fingerprints all over the pages of your life. Even in the times you were positive He wasn’t there.

Writer's Fuel

Did you know that eating spurs braincells on to greater heights when writing?

It's true. Really.

Some authors swear by chocolate. The more the better. Others swear by DeBrands chocolate. That's the only kind that works for them. Chocolate is such a big pull for authors that it has its own unofficial party at the ACFW conference each year. Michelle Hutchinson spearheads that popular event -- so popular she had to have two parties last year to get everyone to fit.

Me -- I don't like chocolate. When I have book-signings, I doubt I'll have chocolate there. Sorry, if you're a chocolate fan. But I often get serious munchies as I work late into the night.

My friend Kim has decided that my comfort food is ice-cream sandwiches. I LOVE those things. Often after running -- what's that!?!?!? -- you'll find me sitting on the treadmill eating an ice-cream sandwich to replace all those calories. Only problem is that ice-cream sandwiches don't have enough calories in and of themselves to do me much good.

The crazy thing is that straight ice-cream doesn't hold much appeal for me. Although my mom bought the Breyer's Fried Ice Cream flavor while she was here. That was GOOD. Cinnamon, caramel, and crunchy tortilla thingies. I don't want to know how they stayed crunchy!

Me, I like the Wheat Thins toasted chips. Yum! I could eat those by the handful. Okay, so two handfuls. Peanuts are good. Umm. Bing cherries. I love that they're in season now.

I know. I'm extremely unique. Who would trade chocolate for cherries?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I don't know if any of you ever saw Toymaker's Son or Toymaker's Dream, but this short video reminded me so much of the much longer productions. I got chills watching it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's done!....sort of

Last night I finished the rewrite of Deadly Exposure. I am exhausted, but very pleased with how the book turned out. It's been a ton of work to rewrite this book -- the book that never ends -- the book that is always being tweaked and improved. But hey, that's what first books are for, right. And next June it'll be in print! God is amazing!!!!!!

Right now I'm in that torture place of wondering if my editor will like all the changes. Or will she hate them and kick it back to me again. Will she ask for that advance check I just deposited back? Will she decide I wasn't the writer she thought? Ack!

Then I remember that God poured this into me. I have tried extremely hard to write the story in the spirit of the changes she requested. I think I did that. But as with any new working relationship, I'll just have to wait and see. And be flexible.

I write anywhere -- even on Sunset Rock in Highlands. If I don't have a book in my hand to read, chances are I have a book in my hand to write in.

Hello, my name is Cara Putman, and I am a paper addict.

Book Trailers, Anyone?

Videos for books? Ever wonder about that? I'll admit that at this point, the idea scares me to death. In addition to all the writing, then we have to market. And many of my friends are now doing videos. Here's an example for what looks like a fun book that's releasing this fall.

Would you watch a short video on a book? Do you think it would make you more or less interested in buying the book?

by Brenda Coulter
Available in stores September 25.
Order now from Amazon. ( )
Read most of the first chapter at

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm Back...

Did you miss me?

Last week Eric, the kids and I escaped to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. It was a fantabulous internet, no email, and Eric even kept his cell phone turned off. It was amazing. Abigail took this picture of Eric, Jonathan and me on Sunset Rock in Highlands, NC.

And huge thanks to the Brenners for making their wonderful cabin available to us again. Eric and I agreed that this is our kind of vacation. Before I get to a few photos, though, here's a tease.

I have some fabulous books to give away in September. Fantastic books! (Did I mention one of the best parts of vacation was that Eric and I read a book a day?!?!) So stay tuned for Fearless by Robin Parrish, The Begotten and The Betrayed by Lisa Bergen, And If I Die by John Aubrey Anderson (Eric Loved this book, says Anderson is the best at weaving the spiritual thread in), plus several others, so stay tuned.

Now for a few photos:

Here's Eric with Amy, Tucker and Finn Green at the base of Looking Glass Falls in Pisgah National Forest near Brevard. We spent a delightful day there with Amy and her boys. Amy was the first person I met when I moved to DC and became a big sister. Since we moved, she and her family have moved home to NC so it was awesome to catch up with them. The water was frigid!

Here's Abigail sliding down Little Sliding Rock somewhere south of Highlands and Cashiers. We spent two and a half hours sliding down this rock, warming up on a neighboring rock, and sliding again. Jonathan was a little machine, but very interested in telling us exactly how to do this. He's got a touch of leader in him :-) And you may notice I'm wearing shorts over my swimsuit. Key! The shorts are now in the trash :-)

I'm kind of surprised we actually got the kids to leave! Then there was horseback riding, hiking, and so much more. Lots of games together as a family. And that's what it was all about. Reconnecting and having fun together.

So if you're looking for a spot to get away, I highly recommend Highlands and surrounding area.

I survived

Thursday was the due date for our baby that we’ll get to meet someday in heaven. The week leading up to the due date was harder than the due date. Jonathan was two weeks early, Abigail four days, so I knew that this baby would have been early, too.

I think it helped being 800 miles away from home. Surrounded by God’s creation and a constant reminder that He is so much bigger than we give Him credit for being.

I also know I was surrounded by prayers. If you were one of the people holding me up, thank you. I could sense your prayers, and they did make a difference.

I wish I could say I was pregnant. I wish I could hold my baby right now. But I can’t.

Someday maybe I’ll understand. But for now, I can say that I survived. And there’s a part of me that’s a bit more able to move forward. Now, I can’t say I should be eight months or nine months pregnant. I should have a nice round belly. No, at this point I should have a baby.

And I do. It’s just not in my arms. Instead, that little one – Gabriel or Gabriella – is dancing on the streets of heaven. And someday I will get to join him.

And until then, I look forward because I know God will use even this for good – He already has. And someday I will see that good in my life. And even if I don’t, I know to the very core of my being that He is good because He never changes.

He can’t.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Review: Off the Record

Okay, first off...I love this cover!

Judge Laurel Kincaide is running for chief judge of Alabama. If elected she’ll make history as the first woman to fill that role. To get there she has to survive the primary. Cole McGaughan is a religion reporter sent south to cover the campaign. The only problem, the secret in her past is tied directly to him. Their ambition is on a collision course with that secret.

In this book, author Elizabeth White paints a vibrant picture of the south and politics. Each time the book threatened to fall into a cliché, she managed to write beyond it. And each time I anticipated where the plot headed, she managed to keep me interested anyway.

As an attorney, I’m always leery of books set in a legal environment that are written by non-attorneys. The author handles those risks very well. The limited scenes actually set in a courtroom or in the judge’s chambers are well written with enough details to let me know she’d done her research. The bulk of the focus though is on Laurel’s campaign and the hidden secret from her past. The campaign scenes are well-written with a finessed sense of humor evident – particularly in the scene at the chicken festival.

Laurel is surrounded by a cast of family and friends that are well-fleshed out. They each add something to the plot and avoid becoming cardboard cut-outs. “Stick mom on stage left and baby sister on stage right.” Cole’s friend Matt provides a nice foil and elevates the conflict several notches. He has a satisfying character arc that makes the book even stronger.

The romance between Laurel and Cole was filled with believable conflict from the first page of the book. Their past could keep them apart forever or pull them together. It’s all up to them and whether they’re willing to deal with the fear and baggage of the past.

And the spiritual thread was challenging and incredibly well-written. It flowed from the experiences of the character and fit who they were. It never felt like an after thought shoved into the story to make it fit the Christian market. Instead, it was carefully woven throughout the book and enhanced the plot.

I read this book quickly because the pull of the characters and story was too strong to walk away from. I had to know how it ended. And that ending was very satisfying…even with a twist at the end that touched on overly convenient.

Off the Record is very well written and a great addition to your reading list.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Review: Fearless

As earthquakes, fire, disease, and floods pummel the earth, its citizens watch in horror. But in the darkness there is hope – an anonymous but powerful hero the public calls “Guardian” emerges from the wreckage. He is one of the chosen few who walk the earth with extraordinary powers, determined to uncover the secret behind the world-shattering disasters. But signs of an ancient prophecy coming true push the world even further to the brink.

Fearless is the second installment in the three-part Dominion trilogy. The author describes Fearless as chapter two of three, and I agree. All the characters and plotlines from Relentless continue here, but don’t end. The story builds to a crescendo and left me wanting more.

Fearless focuses on the story of Grant Borrows and his team of Loci. Each of these individuals have unique powers or abilities. Grant can move things just by thinking the action, Lexi can sense people’s emotions and change them, Hector can heal people from injuries but not illnesses with a touch, Fletcher processes information three times faster than the average human, and there are many more. The connecting symbol of these “superheroes” is that they each have been shifted and have a ring.

While this book is filled with heroic moments, it also contains glimpses into the superheroes fears and backgrounds. They aren’t cardboard cut-outs who perform stunts and then leave for the next grand adventure. Instead, you see the effects of everything they are doing. And the point of view could best be described as omniscient; it’s the rare chapter that stays in one character’s perspective for the whole chapter. Instead, you often get a view of the situation from a couple people without clear breaks. Yet, unlike many books, it didn’t distract me, but worked well to keep me connected with multiple characters and keep the action moving.

The pacing in this book is quick. I read it in less than a day, while doing things other than read. The chapters are quick reads, teasing you into just one more. Because this is an action/fantasy/thriller, the plot races with quick points to collect your breath before hurtling into the next danger.

I’m not a huge comic book hero fan. I fully expect my husband to love this book, but I wasn’t sure what I would think. I haven’t seen Fantastic Four, dreaded going to Transformers, and find parts of the Spiderman movies too … fantastic for me (though I’ve ultimately enjoyed all three). So I really didn’t know what I would think of Fearless. Could I enjoy it even if it moved outside reality with its superhero themes? Would I make it past page 40 enjoying the ride? Would I care about the characters and what happened to them?

The answers to these questions was a resounding yes. Even though I have not read Relentless, the first act, and felt at a slight disadvantage at times in the book, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The prophecy subplot had tones of the Da Vinci Code – only much better written. All the elements of a great thriller are in place: characters you root for, crisis of epic proportions that require larger than life answers, and questions that keep the pages turning late into the night.

Because Fearless builds on Relentless, without taking the time to explain how, my one regret is not reading Relentless first. I’m headed to the bookstore to get that book this week.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Moving Forward

My parents visited last week. I always love having them come. We simply enjoy each other. And I know Dad will always have a new song for me to listen to. He goes through favorite songs like some people go through chocolate.

A few weeks ago his favorite song was Lifesong by Casting Crowns. (I tell you, he is a cool Dad!) Then it was something else. Now it’s Moving Forward by Free Chapel. In a few weeks, I just about guarantee it’ll be something new. But for right now, it’s Moving Forward. If you’ve never heard it, hie thee to iTunes and buy it. It is amazing. The lyrics have run through my mind as if on a loop for the last week. If the words could truly work into my spirit to the point that I believed them completely, they would be life changing.

Have anything in your past that you regret? Anything happen to you that impacted you even though it wasn’t your fault? Feel out of control and hating it?

Then sing with me.

“Not going back, moving ahead
I’m here to declare to you my past is over
In you all things are made new
Surrender my life to Christ
Moving, moving forward”

I love it. All thing are made new in Christ. We all know that verse. But do we expect Him to really do that? Or do we get in the way? Or do we believe He’ll do that for everyone but us? That somehow we aren’t worthy of that promise?

“You make all things new
You make all things new
You make all things new
I will follow you forward.”

I know there are areas in my life that I need Christ to breath new life into. I need the promise that He does make all things new. That I won’t look back, but will move forward. Regardless of the past. Regardless of the present. Because I trust Him with the future. And I will follow. Wherever He leads.

The past is over. The future lies ahead. Move with me into that. Whatever Christ has for us, let’s surrender and say, “Yes, Lord.” Throw your arms wide. Say Lord take me. Whatever You can use, keep. Whatever You can’t, transform as You make me new.

Let’s walk into the future with Him, one step at a time. I can’t wait to see what He does.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


For women it’s a tense subject. For teenage girls it can be even worse. Who hasn’t wanted to be thinner or had a hard time being satisfied with the body they have? I think when we’re honest, we can all admit we’ve had moments, days, or months where we’ve been there.

On August 4, I found an interesting, eye-opening, and scary story on about girls who are wannarexic. These are young women who wish they could be anorexic! Yikes! And yes, they truly want to be anorexic.

Read the article if you have adolescent girls around you. It’s a scary wake-up call.

The psychologists quoted in the article attribute the trend to girls who think the anorexic girls are the popular ones. If they could just be like those girls, then they too could be popular.

Frankly, I think this is a scary proposition. As the mother of an almost seven year old girl, it reinfornces the difficult job I have as a mother. How do I encourage healthy lifestyle choices and help her see herself as the very special creation that God made?

It’s a tough job, but a critical one. If you have girls, what do you do?

Monday, August 06, 2007

Revision Letters

My friend Colleen Coble tells anyone who will listen that she LOVES revision letters.

I used to think she was crazy.

Then I got my first revision letter. I've been through a couple sets of revision letters with Canteen Dreams (October 2007 - Heartsong Presents) and the first with Deadly Exposure (June 2008 - Love Inspired Suspense). And I have to tell you that now, I really do look forward to them.

Okay, I look forward to them with fear and trembling. Knees knocking. Hands shaking. Heart racing. Is there anything of value in the book? Did the editor love it? Hate it? Decide it was still worth publishing? Ack!

What I have learned through working through revision and content letters, is that the editors truly want to make the book stronger. And if I'm willing to work and learn with them, then my writing will only get stronger. The book will be better constructed. And hopefully, the reader will enjoy the book without distractions of poor writing, plot sags, historical inaccuracies, etc.

The first letter I receive each time has been from the editor who purchased the book. It is a global letter that usually starts and ends with something that the editor liked. Then the rest of the letter is jammed with things to fix. Some are global like the character isn't believeable in XYZ way. Or the plot sags here. The letter also will have pages of particulars to fix. On page 26 find XXXX, and correct it. I have found that I can have a back and forth with the editor to make sure I understand what they mean, and to try to defend something if I really think it is integral to the story.

Then I get a letter from the content editor. So far I've only received that on Canteen Dreams. I loved that editor because she cared every bit as much as I did about getting the history right. She forced me to back up my research -- the reader won't see footnotes, but will probably pick up on the ring of authenticity.

So hand me another revision letter. And let's make my books sing!


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Thursday, August 02, 2007

CFBA Tour: Return to Me

This week's CFBA tour is highlighing Robin Lee Hatcher's newest release, Return to Me.

Discouraged and destitute, her dreams shattered, Roxy Burke is going home. But what lies beyond the front door?

Rejection...or a bright future?

A lot has changed since Roxy Burke escaped small town life to become a Nashville star. Her former boyfriend Wyatt has found Christ and plans to become a minister. Her sister Elena, who comforted Wyatt when Roxy ran away, is now his fiancee. Her father Jonathan, a successful businessman, is heartbroken over the estrangement of Roxy from the family.

Now Roxy...her inheritance from her grandmother squandered, her hopes of stardom dashed...finds her way home...not by choice but because it's her only option. Her father's love and forgiveness surprise her, but her very presence throws the contented Burke family into turmoil, filling Roxy with guilt and shame.

Elena is shocked to discover doubt and resentment in her heart after her father's easy acceptance of Roxy into the family circle. Wyatt wrestles with doubts about marrying Elena. And Roxy struggles to accept forgiveness. Isn't she more deserving of rejection? As the story of the prodigal plays out, each member of the Burke family must search for and accept God's grace.

August 2007 Releases

For those of you looking for some Christian fiction to read, here's a list of August 2007 Releases from my friends over at American Christian Fiction Writers:

1. Abomination by Colleen Coble from Thomas Nelson. A young woman flees from a serial killer who leaves his victims at geocaching sites.

2. Family for Keeps and Sadie's Hero reissued as one book by Margaret Daley, from Steeple Hill Love Inspired. This Love Inspired Classic captures two touching stories that were favorites of readers.

3. Jacob's List by Stephanie Grace Whitson from Bethany House Publishers. Facing the challenge of their lives, the Nolans learn that their son's list is about a lot more than youthful adventure. Jacob's List: a story of reconciliation. . . against all odds.

4. In His Dreams from the Michigan Island Series by Gail Gaymer Martin from Steeple Hill Love Inspired. Two widowed in-laws meet again on Beaver Island after a few years absence and find joy in the sense of family, especially the hero's emotionally impaired pre-teen daughter, but the familiar friendship goes far beyond what they expected.

5. Massachusetts Brides by Lisa Harris from Barbour Publishing. Three old-fashioned romances bloom in the heart of New England.

6. Missionary Daddy Book 4 of A Tiny Blessings Tale by Linda Goodnight from Steeple Hill Love Inspired. A single missionary battles to adopt two boys from Africa and discovers the woman of his dreams is not who he thought she was.

7. Murder by Mushroom by Virginia Smith from Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense. A potluck on the lawn of Heritage Community Church brings out the usual pests: ants and flies, gossips and murderers.

8. Off the Record by Elizabeth White from Zondervan. A hidden past with journalist Cole McGaughan could end Laurel Kincade's judicial career...Or will the truth set them free to love again?

9. The Restitution 3rd book in The Legacy of the King's Pirates series by MaryLu Tyndall from Barbour Publishing. When Lady Isabel Ashton's only son is kidnapped, she is forced to enlist the aid of the boy's father, the pirate who ruined her life and stole her virtue.

10. To Love Anew Book One of Three by Bonnie Leon from Revell. When Hannah Talbot is banished from London and transported to Australia on a prison ship she's certain God has turned his back on her.

11. Trusting Him by Brenda Minton from Steeple Hill Love Inspired. A woman learning to trust, a man longing to be trusted, and a love that takes them by surprise...

Happy reading~

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shopping On-Line

So Saturday I was shopping online -- otherwise known as procrastinating when I should have been revising.

I'm looking for one or two specific items, but found myself on I guess it's a shoe store loosely affiliated with Gap. Let me tell you, the sale prices were great. I almost pulled the trigger and bought a couple pairs of shoes, but i hesitated. The sales shoes did not allow returns. I can understand in one way: they don't want someone like me to buy six pairs of shoes only to return four later. Yet, with my long, narrow feet, I've learned that I need to try things on before I find something that fits right, so they lost a sale...

And there were some really cute ballet flats on clearance! I almost felt like Ashley Stockingdale or the star of some other chick lit as I was looking at $300 shoes marked down to $50. Who doesn't love that!

Lafayette is a great town, but the shopping is abysmal for someone my size. There is one store in town other than GAP where I can buy clothes that fit but don't make me look like I'm trying to pretend I'm 16 again. Don't get me wrong, I loved being 16...but I'm not anymore. And even if I were, I'm really not into belly showing styles.

There are many things I will buy online: Books, skirts, simple shirts, dresses. And I love going on a site like and raiding the sale page. Books are pretty easy. You see the cover, read a review and purchase. But clothes, only if I can return them -- and preferably if I can return them in a store where I don't have to pay shipping. Call me cheap, but I can't stand the thought of paying for shipping twice. Ugh!

So what do you shop for online? What store has surprised you with its level of service and ease of returns? What shopping secrets do you have to share with a bargain hunter like me...cause you know I'll need to procrastinate again soon!

Help Me Decide

You guys were such a great help last time. I thought I'd let you vote again. :-) I'm working with a designer on a webpage. I've put it off as long as I can, but figure with a book releasing in three months, it's time to build one. So I've been looking at websites and trying to figure out what I like. One thing is when the header is a clean photo. Fortunately my fantastic photographer took an abundance of wonderful shops back in March. So here are a couple we're looking at. I know my favorite, but want to hear yours.

Option OneOption Two

Option Three

So let me see those votes!


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