Friday, April 29, 2011

Review: How to be God's Little Princess

As the mom of a tween and a three year old, princesses are quite the topic around my house. It's hard to say which Disney princess is a favorite, but I know I want my girls to totally get to the core of their being that they are the ultimate princesses.  Sounds like too much? 

It isn't, because they are God's princesses.

I've loved Shelia Walsh's Gigi, God's Little Princess books and DVDs. My tweener began outgrowing the books about the time my three year old began to fall in love with the idea of princesses. It's time to pull them out for her. And just in time, Shelia Walsh has written a book filled with royal tips for manners, etiquette, and true beauty. Currently, I plan to use the book with a tween class I lead on Wednesday nights at church. The content is perfect for girls who are growing into young women, and the way it is presented, in a beautiful pink and silver book with lots of fun activities is something that girls will enjoy. From how to dress, to friendship, to phone manners, just about every topic is covered. 

And what I know my tweener will love? All the great craft ideas and fun quizzes. It's like an American Girl interactive book -- only with a Christ-centered focus. Love it!

Teaching your daughter how to be a princess involves more than just a pretty dress! Women of Faith® speaker and recording artist Sheila Walsh returns to the Gigi, God's Little Princess series with a new interactive guide book for 9-12 year old readers. The book gives girls a fun tool to discover how to dress, how to act, and why that's even important!

Increasingly, we see tween girls of today embracing the prevalent "anything goes" spirit of our culture. Sheila seeks to combat that spirit and reinforce God's standard in their lives. She takes a holistic approach by not just focusing on behavior but also addressing the heart. Sheila says that "it is God's Word that has the power to hold us through the fiercest storms. It is God's Word that shows us how to live in a world that has largely turned its back on our Father. It is God's Word that allows us to stand firm when everything else seems to be falling apart." How to Be God's Little Princess will supplement what parents, churches, and youth workers may already be teaching their tween girls.

About the book: How to Be God's Little Princess: Royal Tips of Manners and Etiquette for Girls
(Thomas Nelson, April 2011, ISBN: 9781400316441 $9.99) A fun guide book for God's little princesses. What does it take to be a princess? Sheila Walsh has some important answers to share for every little girl. This trendy design features black & white line art and a two-color pink and black interior. The art will tie to each how-to topic in the book-how to make the best pink cookies, how to wear a tiara, how to earn money at home, how to care for a royal dog, how to be respectful, how to use good manners, how to help Mom, how to follow Jesus, how to act like a princess when things go terribly wrong, and many more.
About Sheila: Sheila Walsh is the creator of the award-winning Gigi, God's Little Princess® brand which has sold over 1.5 million units. Sheila is also a powerful communicator, Bible teacher, and best-selling author with more than 4 million books sold. As a featured speaker with Women of Faith®, Sheila has reached more than 3.5 million women by artistically combining honesty, vulnerability, and humor with God's Word.
Author of the best-selling memoir Honestly and the Gold Medallion nominee for The Heartache No One Sees, Sheila's most recent release, The Shelter of God's Promises, has also been turned into a DVD curriculum and in-depth Bible study. The Gigi, God's Little Princess book and video series has won the National Retailer's Choice Award twice and is the most popular Christian brand for young girls in the United States. Sheila co-hosted The 700 Club and her own show Heart to Heart with Sheila Walsh. She is currently completing her Masters in Theology.
More about God's Little Princess Giveaway:
Sheila Walsh is celebrating the release of How to Be God’s Little Princess with a KINDLE giveaway!
“In How to Be God’s Little Princess, it’s my prayer that young girls will learn important life skills and discover for themselves how to navigate the do’s and don’ts of life. I want them to see that making wise decisions about clothes, friends, family, make-up, and more can be FUN! – Sheila Walsh
Sheila has put together a Princess prize package worth over $200!

One lucky winner will receive:
  • A brand new KINDLE with Wi-Fi & New Pearl Screen
  • How to Be God’s Little Princess
  • A Princess Tea Kit (includes princess backpack, tiara, book, jewelry making kit, & mug)
To enter click on entry ports below, then tell your friends! Hurry, giveaway ends 4/30! But wait! There’s more … On May 4th join Sheila at her Author Page on Facebook for the Princess Tea Party! She will announce the winner of the KINDLE, connect with readers and give away a ton of fun products from the Gigi and God’s Little Princess line! Tweens invited! Don’t miss the fun! She is looking forward to connecting and learning more about you – so be sure to stop by on May 4th at 5:00 PM PST (6 PM MST, 7 PM CST, & 8 PM EST).
Enter Via:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Friday Recipes: A Lemon Gelatin Cake

This one is a day early...but you'll enjoy it all the same. A couple years after we moved to Indiana, my youngest brother swung by for a couple days after participating in a friend's wedding. He raved about a cake they'd served at the rehearsal dinner and even made it for us. Oh my gosh! It was so delicious and tart.

Wait until you see how simple it is...Thinking it's time to make this one again.

Lemon Gelatin Cake

1 package Lemon Cake Mix
1 3 oz package of lemon jello
3/4 cup boiling water
3/4 c. oil
4 eggs
dash of salt (what's a dash anyway?)

Beat the eggs, then add salt, oil, jello, and cake mix. Beat two more minutes. Pour into pans. Bake at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes.

When done, pierce cake all over top ever two inches. Mix 2 cups of powder sugar and 3/4 cup of lemon juice. Pour over the cake while it's still hot.

This cake is best if prepared a day or two before you serve it. Gives the glaze time to really soak in. And it makes a really nice layered cake.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Robin Caroll Writes for Him & Giveaway

I’m a stubborn person. Okay, all who are reading this who know me are now laughing aloud and thinking, “That’s putting it mildly.” Anyway, I’m stubborn and independent and a little headstrong. (Ok, stop laughing now.) I just knew that when I wrote my first book, it’d be published. I mean, I wrote it, right? It should be published. Wrong. I spent many a year writing stories that I thought were good, but something just wasn’t right. Wasn’t there.

And one day I realized why. Because my stories were like the ones I’d read and finished, then been depressed or sad. While I had given my stories a happy ending, I wasn’t honoring the One who gave me the storytelling gift.

What an aha moment that was for me. To write a story, but bring honor to God within the lines. It was a brand new concept for me. But I didn’t know how to do that, or was there even such a thing.

My sister introduced me to Christian fiction by loaning me some of her books. I’d had no clue there was even such a thing as inspirational fiction. I was hooked from the first one. I devoured those stories. Just had to get more. And it occurred to me that I could do this—I could write a story and fill it with hope and honor My Savior in doing so. Wow, amazed me.

So I joined writing groups that focused on edifying and teaching, directed at the Christian market. I bought craft books and attended conferences. And I prayed. A lot. I told God that published or not, I’d write to honor Him.

I made that personal decision years ago and have never looked back. I love writing stories of hope, of promise, of sharing the love I have for Christ with others. There’s no job I could love more. And even in the midst of tight deadlines, I remind myself to be thankful of being able to do what I love, and bring honor to God.

Thanks, Robin!
Today I'm giving away a copy of her latest release, In the Shadow of Evil. For a chance to receive this copy, watch the trailer, and then tell me why you need a good romantic suspense to be reading right about now.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Resurrection Celebration!

So after finding the video from Dallas, I stumbled on this one in Budapest. I remember visiting Heroes' Square in 1994 when I spent five days in this amazing city shortly after graduating from college. When you think of the history of Budapest since the rise of Hitler, it is AMAZING to think people can freely celebrate their Savior, faith, and the resurrection in such a public, joyful way.

Join me in praying for Christ to flow across throughout this part of the world and out from there.

Jesus, thank You for coming, dying a horrible death, and loving us so much to come when we were separated by the barrier of sin. Transform us into Your image each and every day. We want to be like You!

Friday, April 22, 2011

New Friday Column: My Favorite Recipes

Do y'all love to cook? Me, not so much. Not sure if it's cause my family has restaurants or what...but grocery shopping and kitchens aren't my favorites. However, there are some dishes I LOVE. So I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you over the next couple months. What do ya think?

So here's the first. This is a cake I can literally whip up as surprise company is walking through the door and suddenly be considered an amazing chef. It's almost like that old Rice Krispie's commercial where the mom whips those up, throws a little flour in her face and then slumps to make it look like she worked hard. Except I don't pretend. I love that it's simple.

Chocolate Sheet Cake

1 stick butter
1/2 cup oil
1 cup water
2 cups sugar
2 cups flous
1/4 cup cocoa
2 eggs
1/2 cup buttermilk (though I use regular if I don't have buttermilk)
1 1/2 tesaspoon baking soda

Mix all the ingredients together and bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes in a 9x 13 pan.

Super simple and super yummy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

People of the Lord Rise UP!!!

I saw this video on Facebook, the purveyor of culture (tongue in cheek!). There are a couple of things I love about it as we celebrate Easter this week.

It captures the joy of people who understand what it means that Jesus of Nazareth not only died for us but that He rose again. It conveys such a sense of fun and takes the flash dance idea to a worshipful level.  So take five minutes and celebrate what Christ's death and resurrection really means. And it's not about Easter candy or eggs. It's not even about bunnies.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Looking for YA titles? Books my 10 y.o. has enjoyed...

A Summer Secret is an Amish title is intended for the Y.A. audience; however, my 10 y.o. daughter inhaled this book and book two. I wasn't sure if my daughter would join those who love Amish books, but she really enjoyed this story.

Here's what she says: A Summer Secret is about Mary Beth Mullet, a 13 y.o. with a twin brother and two younger brothers. Mary Beth had a special place in an old barn she was forbidden to go to by her parents. This barn has holes and rotting wood and is just a mess, but it's the only place Mary Beth can have time by herself. One day when she goes into her special place, she sees that one of the corners of her journal is dog-eared. She gets suspicious that one of her brothers has been reading it. A Summer Secret is very detailed. It goes back and forth between Mary Beth's perspective and the mystery person's perspective. There's a little mystery that Mary Beth has to solve. The person looks horrible but won't tell Mary Beth anything. I enjoyed this book very much and will read more by this author.

The second book in the series, The Secrets Beneath, let's Rebekah Yoder take center stage. She is a very curious girl. Since her favorite books are Nancy Drew, she's always ready for a new mystery. Then a mystery comes to Midfield and she decides to figure it out along with the reluctant assistance of her cousin Amanda. My ten year old really enjoyed the first book. And she dove right in to this title. She enjoys these books because at every break it jumps to a different character's perspective. According to my daughter, the mystery could have used a little more intensity (this made me smile), but she still enjoyed the book very much. She's a Nancy Drew fan and in her words used to a little more suspense. My daughter loved the characters and that's what kept her coming back. Still she read it in a few days and can't wait for the next one to release.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Set Sail with The Deepest Waters: Review

Do you enjoy Nicholas Sparks' books? The rich romances laced with themes that resonate across time? Then you have got to try Dan Walsh's latest book. The Deepest Waters is a rich book. It pulled me in from the first chapter as Dan introduced characters and a situation that made me want to shut out the world and curl up until I reached the last page.

Dan has an amazing ability to create characters that are three dimensional. They are people that I want to spend time with and get to know better. I care about their journeys and whether there will be a Happily Ever After. With John and Laura, he's created two more characters I could root for from the first page. The situation seems impossible, but is inspired by true events. The history lover in me LOVES that!

Want to try the book? Then be sure to click here and read the first two chapters.

More about the book: What began as a fairytale honeymoon in 1857 for John and Laura Foster aboard the steamship SS Vandervere becomes a nightmare when a hurricane causes their ship to sink into the murky depths of the Atlantic. Laura finds herself with the other women and children aboard a sailing ship while John and a hundred other men drift on the open sea on anything they could grab as the Vandervere went down. Suspecting her John is gone but still daring to hope for a miracle, Laura must face the possibility of life alone--and meeting her new in-laws without their son if she ever reaches New York.

Thanks to Dan and Revell for sending me a copy of the book. The opinion is all mine. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Couple Books I LOVED: A Cowboy's Touch and the Amish Midwife

If you saw my ever growing to-be-read pile, you might wonder how I choose what to read next. Often it comes back to which authors I've come to trust. The ones I know I'll enjoy a good story that I can't put down. A week ago I read a couple by some of my favorite authors and I thoroughly enjoyed each book.

A Cowboy's Touch is the latest novel by my friend Denise Hunter. You may have read her Nantucket Love Stories. Now she's moved to Big Sky country in Montana. I usually see a book with a cowboy and groan, but because Denise wrote it, I knew I had to give A Cowboy's Touch a chance. Denise accomplished her mission of writing a compelling romance with layer after layer of conflict that makes for a page-turner. Abigail Jones is sent to Moose Creek, MT, by her mom and sister for health reasons. She needs a break from her job and the big city. But the truthseeker literally stumbles onto a story that could save her Mom's dying magazine. The only problem is it will mean betraying the family she's working for as a nanny.

As I read, I cared deeply about Abigail and Wade, but really wanted to see Maddy get her heart's desire. I also wondered how many times I've worked as hard as Wade to protect those I the point it became an obsession. And how many times have I taken on Abigail's burden of feeling like I was the only one who could make something right. Even when it wasn't all up to me. Great book, with deep layers of truth. Be sure to check out an excerpt here.

Don't you love the baby!
The next book I picked up was one Mindy Starns Clark wrote with Leslie Gould. I have been a fan of Mindy's since I first discovered her Million Dollar Mysteries series (which rumor has it are getting ready to rerelease. Yeah!!!!). Mindy and Leslie pulled off what I would think is the hardest part of co-authoring...making a book read like it was authored by one person. I was so impressed with the way this first person book was seamless.

Nurse Midwife Lexie Jaeger's father dies which sends are on the hunt for her birth family. She takes what she thinks is a detour to help Marta Bayer, a midwife who is in trouble with the law. This plants Lexie firmly in the middle of Pennsylvania Amish country and what feels like a detour may not be one after all.

This book is set in an Amish location, but really shows the difference between Mennonite and Amish. The Amish was a detail, but not really the driver of the plot -- I actually prefer the way Mindy does that in her books. I also liked how the theme of Demut (To let be) wove through the story. Can Lexie let the past go, or must she push through to find answers? And how many lives will be uprooted in the process? Is it worth the hurt to find the truth?

The characters are richly drawn and I was completely engaged in the search from page one. I cared deeply and had to know how things would turn out. And now I have to know what happens to Ada. But I have a feeling that story will be in the next book.

Thank you to the publishers for the books... the opinions are mine.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CFBA Tour: Tea For Two and GIVEAWAY

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Tea For Two
Harvest House Publishers (April 1, 2011)
Trish Perry

I enjoy Trish's book. If you've never read one and would like to try, then leave a comment at the end about your favorite type of tea or tea desert. Personally, I LOVE scones. I have a recipe for orange cranberry scones that I love to make and freeze ahead. YUMMY!

Zack Cooper tries his best to raise his children, but he's losing his grip on them in their teen years. They've both had scrapes with the local law.

Tea Shop owner Milly Jewel has the perfect woman in mind to help Zack. Counselor Tina Milano meets weekly at the tea shop with her women's group. Milly encourages Zack and Tina to work together to draw the teens back before they get in even hotter water. Milly never thought things might heat up between Zack and Tina. Or did she?

Tina's connections with the Middleburg police department prove a mixed blessing for Zack and his kids. Both her best friend and old boyfriend are officers on the force.

And when Tina's women's group gets wind of her personal pursuits and clashes, they want to help. The group's meetings at the tea shop take on a slightly different flavor. Tina wonders who, exactly, is counseling whom.

Although heroine Tina Milano and her women's group are mentioned in The Perfect Blend (the first book in this series), Tea for Two is where we meet her and hero Zack Cooper. I knew I would write this book while I wrote the first, so it was fun to plant a passing mention of Zack and Tina while I wrote Steph's story in The Perfect Blend. By the time I was able to write Tina and Zack's story, I was eager to unfold their lives, conflicts, and love. I hope readers will be eager to experience what happens to them!

If you would like to read the first chapter of , go HERE.

Watch the Book Video:

A word from our Author: I started writing short stories—pretty bad ones. And I started taking creative writing courses to round out my degree. So I was in classes full of people just like me—lousy writers. But we were learning!

Then the Lord led me to a local writers' group, Capital Christian Writers, and the contacts and friends I made through CCW enriched my personal life and my writing life more than I can measure. Through CCW and through reading just about every book and magazine ever published by Writer's Digest, I started catching on. Now I'm writing full time and man oh man do I love it.

Before the writing began, I worked for attorneys in Washington, D. C. I worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission. And I was a stockbroker. A horrible stockbroker. How do people do that? Take responsibility for other people's financial futures? Yikes. I'm perfectly happy to take responsibility for the amount of time any one person wants to spend reading my books. If you enjoy the experience, then know that we both enjoyed it together. I love that about books.

In the midst of all that fretting over other people's money and writing about other people's lives, I racked up a few personal experiences myself. Some good, some bad, but all part of God's plan. Now I'm an empty nester living in Northern Virginia. My brilliantly funny son is in college. I have a savvy, gorgeous grown daughter, a charming son-in-law, and an amazing grandson.

Watch the Book Video:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Allie Pleiter and the case of the 2 y.o. Georgie

Today I'm delighted to have my friend Allie Pleiter back to share about her latest book...

One of my favorite parts of writing Yukon Wedding was writing Georgie, Lana’s two year old son. Despite my two parenting books, I haven’t had the opportunity to write young children into my stories very often. When I did, such as Lilly in Bluegrass Easter, and the whole herd of unruly second grade boys in Queen Esther and the Second Graders of Doom, I had loads of fun. Children unmask things in us that we’d rather keep hidden. They see right through our pretense and often know what’s important long before we do. Their openness and forgiveness can be charming reminders us of how us “grown ups” ought to behave.

Best of all are those golden moments when youngsters get under our all-too-serious skin despite all efforts to keep them out. Mack is such a solemn, honorable man. Georgie turns his home into chaos--joyful chaos, but chaos none the less. As such, I not only got to write the romantic story of a man falling in love with a woman, but the tender story of a man opening his heart to a child.

I hope you enjoy reading how Georgie peels off Mack’s serious layers as much as I did writing them. If they make you smile and hug the little ones in your life closer today, then I’ve done a good thing.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Classic Hollywood Reviews: Your Turn

I've loved sharing some of my favorite movies with you. There's something magical about that time period and the movies made during the 30s and 40s. But now I want to give you a chance to share your favorite movies with us.

For those of you who send me a review that I use on my blog, I'll send you one of my Heartsong Presents novels as a thank you. So what do you do?

Leave a comment letting me know you're interested, which movie you'd like to review, and your email address. I'll then contact you to set up a day for your post.

I can't wait to learn more about your favorite movies!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Are You God's Friend?

After spending time last week with dear friends, I've been thinking about what makes those friendships so special. It had been years since we'd spent time together, but with each couple we picked up like it had been days rather than years.
  • There's that shared sense of history. We'd done and lived through a lot together.
  • We share common interests.
  • We genuinely enjoy each other's company.
Then this week I was reading in Joanna Weaver's new book Lazarus Awakening. There's a chapter in there where she talks about becoming a friend of God. I think in theory, many of us want that. But as I thought about the practical application, I'm afraid I'm often woefully behind my desire and words.

If I truly longed to be God's friend:
  • My heart would be broken by the things that break His;
  • I would long to spend time with Him;
  • I would love to simply be quiet in His presence;
Ephesians 1:4-6 (MSG)
   Long before He laid down earth's foundations, [God] had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of His love, to be made whole and holy by His love. Long, long ago he decided to adopt us into his family trough Jesus Christ. (What pleasure He took in planning this!) He wanted us to enter into the celebration of His lavish gift-giving by the hand of His beloved Son.

Isn't it humbling to think He longs for us?
How do you cultivate your relationship/friendship with God?

Grab this book if you're looking for ways to explore the depths of God's great love for you.

“Joanna Weaver has given us two insightful books about some of Jesus’ closest friends—Martha and Mary. Lazarus Awakening completes the trilogy by taking an inspiring look at the life of their brother Lazarus. A closer look at his story will help you draw closer to Christ as his intimate friend. I recommend it.”
—Ann Spangler, author of Praying the Names of God 

More About Lazarus Awakening: You believe that God loves the world…but sometimes you wonder if He truly loves you.

For many of us, moving the truth of God’s love from our heads to our hearts is a lifelong process. As we consider our inadequacies or grieve our shattered dreams, we find it difficult to believe that God cares for us personally.

In this life-giving book, Joanna Weaver shows you how to embrace the truth that Jesus loves you apart from anything you accomplish, apart from anything you bring. Just as He called Lazarus forth to new life, Jesus wants to free you to live fully in the light of His love, unbound from the graveclothes of fear, regret, and self-condemnation.

Love is calling your name.

Combining unforgettable real-life illustrations with unexpected biblical insights, Joanna Weaver invites you to experience a spiritual resurrection that will forever change your understanding of what it means to be the one Jesus loves.
More About Joanna: Joanna Weaver is known the world over for her transparent and life-changing books, Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World and Having a Mary Spirit. These two books have sold over a million copies and have been translated into several languages including Spanish, French, Dutch, Chinese, German, Korean and more. Joanna has appeared on a wide variety of nationally syndicated radio and television broadcasts. Past appearances include: The Harvest Show, At Home Live With Chuck & Jenni, Midday Connection, HomeWord, and Janet Parschall’s America. She is also a highly sought after speaker and shares her message at intimate gatherings and several high profile events each year. But Joanna's greatest joy is found in being a wife and mother and her role as a pastor’s wife.
To learn more about Joanna please visit
The Heart of God KINDLE Giveaway:
Joanna is celebrating the release of Lazarus Awakening with the Heart of God KINDLE Giveaway!
In Lazarus Awakening Joanna writes about getting God’s love from our heads to our hearts. We all know Jesus loved Mary – look how she worshiped. And we can understand why He loved Martha – after all, look how she served. But what about those of us who don’t know where we fit in the heart of God? Lazarus Awakening explores the tale of the third follower – Mary and Martha’s brother, Lazarus. We never hear him speak, we never see him serve. The only thing of any significance that Lazarus did was to die. And yet, the Bible is clear. Jesus loved Lazarus. And He loves you and me as well. Lazarus Awakening looks at different aspects of the story we find in John 11. We learn what it means to be a friend of God and begin recognizing the tombs we spend far too much time in.

One grand prize winner will receive:
  • A Brand New KINDLE with Wi-Fi
  • Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World
  • Having A Mary Spirit
  • Lazarus Awakening
Joanna will also select two additional contest entrants to receive copies of her trilogy. Enter soon by clicking below (PLEASE NOTE - THE CONTEST LINKS DO NOT WORK UNTIL THE MORNING OF 3/28!) and then tell your friends. Hurry the contest ends April 16th. The winner will be announced on Joanna's blog on April 18th.

Friday, April 01, 2011

CFBA Tour: Wolves Among Us

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Wolves Among Us
David C. Cook; New edition (April 1, 2011)
Ginger Garrett
This richly imagined tale takes readers to a tiny German town in the time of “the burnings,” when pious and heretic alike became victims of witch-hunting zealots. When a double murder stirs up festering fears, the village priest sends for help. But the charismatic Inquisitor who answers the call brings a deadly mix of spiritual fervor and self-deceptive evil. Under his influence, village fear, guilt, and suspicion of women take a deadly turn. In the midst of this nightmare, a doubting priest and an unloved wife—a secret friend of the recently martyred William Tyndale—somehow manage to hear another Voice…and discover the power of love over fear.

Dinfoil, Germany, 1538. In a little town on the edge of the Black Forest, a double murder stirs up festering fears. A lonely woman despairs of pleasing her husband and wonders why other women shun her. An overworked sheriff struggles to hold the town—and himself—together. A priest begins to doubt the power of the words he shares daily with his flock. And the charismatic Inquisitor who arrives to help—with a filthy witch in a cage as an object lesson—brings his own mix of lofty ideals and treacherous evil. Under his influence, ordinary village fears and resentments take a deadly turn. Terror mounts. Dark deeds come to light. And men and women alike discover not only what they are capable of, but who they are…and what it means to grapple for grace.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Wolves Among Us, go HERE

Ginger Garrett is the author of the Chronicles of the Scribes series (In the Shadow of Lions, In the Arms of Immortals, In the Eyes of Eternity), Dark Hour, and Beauty Secrets of the Bible. Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther was recognized as one of the top five novels of 2006 by the ECPA.

Focusing on ancient women's history, Ginger creates novels and nonfiction resources that explore the lives of historical women. A frequent media guest and television host, Ginger has been interviewed by Fox News, Billy Graham's The Hour of Decision, The Harvest Show, 104.7 The Fish Atlanta, and many other outlets.

A graduate of Southern Methodist University with a degree in Theater, she is passionate about creating art from history. Ginger resides in Georgia with her husband and three children.   


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