Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Randomness of Searches

One way I stay on the lookout for the engaging and compelling (LOL) information I highlight in this blog is through a Google automated search. Sometimes it is really interesting what it pulls.

For example, last night it found the following for me:
  1. An article in the New Republic about Ben Steins conflicted conservatism.
  2. An article in Human Events about the Southern Poverty Law Center and its definition of hate.
  3. Plus an article from CNSnews about Annan being slammed for speaking ill of the US.

There were several others that weren't as interesting or which I would never post because I'm a conservative Christian.

If you have a blog, where do you find your ideas for posts? And if you enjoy reading blogs, what do you like most about your favorite blogs? It's always interesting to see what people like.

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