Thursday, December 14, 2006

Sometimes the law is strange

Today I learned I won a pretty major motion. This is the kind of motion that if I had lost it, my client would be denied their day in court. Because we won, now I have to try to figure out how to construct a case on this piece that will win at trial, or look good enough to get us into a settlement position.

This one has been convoluted from the beginning because an insurance company has been involved. Therefore, logic does not always prevail.

Because I acted as the agent for my client with the insurance company, I may end up being a witness while someone else in our firm tries the case. Now that will be role reversal. Especially considering I spent the morning preparing another client for her trial next week.

Hmmm. I've always said I wanted to be on a jury to see the process from their perspective. I've had the honor of serving as a temporary judge a couple times and seeing that perspective. Now maybe I'll get to see the witness side.

That will be weird.

So instead, I'm digging through boxes of discovery to see if I can form a case without me.

And I'm reminded once again, that not every win leads to easy victory.

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Crystal said...

I can tell you about being a juror. Eeek. If I live to be 100, I will never forget that experience. It was awful. And funny. And too long. (And the "character" witness came over from the jail in an orange jumpsuit with chains on. Talk about bending over backwards trying not to allow that to prejudice me. Court is an experience all around.


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