Tuesday, December 19, 2006

When Tragedy Strikes

This will be a short post to balance out last night's. On Terry Whalin's blog today he had a link to an article written by Mike Morehouse, a man who lost his father when the Marshall University football team died in the plane crash 36 years ago. I highly recommend the article to get a sense of the people behind the tragedy.

Often in our culture, it's easy to overlook the back stories to what we read in the newspapers and see in the evening news. But always, there are individuals and people affected. May God keep our hearts soft at all times.


Vintage Wine said...

I agree with you! It`s really important to take the time to reflect on the people behind a story. It`s so easy to forget that the person's we read about is also a parent, child, friend, lover...
Thank you for reminding me!
Best wishes,

Cara Putman said...

Thanks for joining me, Elisabeth!

Anonymous said...

My son and I had the opportunity to go see 'We are Marshall'. What a wonderful movie. It was also helpful to read this blog prior to going. Along with other interviews I had seen with people that were directly affected by this tradegy, it helped to bring real understanding to this movie. I especially enjoyed seeing the new coach who took over the team and his way of looking at things and bringing it all down to what is most important, which are the human beings. Go see the movie if you have the time.



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