Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Favorite Suspense of 2006

Okay, so this is a very tight category to me. There are several authors that I tend to love just about everything they write. The first two are a tie because they are so good and different enough it's hard to do a direct head to head comparison.

1) Fire Dancer by Colleen Coble. Here's the link to my review of this book. I love all of Colleen's books, and with this one she knocks things up another level. Again. I don't know how she does it. And there are so many layers to this book!

1) Violet Dawn by Brandilyn Collins. Here's the link to my review of this great book. This book races through twenty-four hours and is incredibly hard to put down. It is great suspense.

These ladies never disappoint me. Colleen writes suspense with a strong romantic subplot as well as descriptions and settings that put you in the story. Brandilyn writes Seatbelt Suspense that pulls you through a story so fast you can't put it down.

2) GERM by Robert Liparulo. My review of this book is hiding on my laptop and will get posted next week. For now suffice it to say, that Liparulo writes like Clancy or Grishom. This book is a certified thriller and races from the second chapter to the end. If you have a weak stomach, skip the first chapter, but it's only two and a half pages. All you need to know: EBOLA.

3) Reluctant Burglar by Jill Elizabeth Nelson (her website is pretty fun). Here's the link to my review. This debut mystery surprised me. The quality was so good! And it was a fun read. How often do you get to read a Thomas Crown Affair type book? And her next book releases in February!

PS I am so EXCITED! I just found out Colleen Coble has a new book, Midnight Sea, coming out in February! Don't ask me how I didn't know this already. I guess I was too focused on Abomination! And Coral Moon, Brandilyn Collin's next book, releases in March. These will be great suspense books to read on cold winter evenings.


Robin Bayne said...

I totally agree with you on "Reluctant Burglar!"

Happy New Year!

Crystal said...

I love Robert Liparulo. All the other books I concur with you. I have long loved Grisham and Clancy, thus my new found love for Liparulo(Went back to get Comes a Horseman. I also love Davis Bunn suspense.) Colleen's books help me to bridge the gap between my favorite genre of romance and the other of suspense/mystery.


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